It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Listmas

In addition to being a motivational speaker, I am a list junkie. Never met a list I didn't like. I have a list for the things I want to do today, and a list of things I want to do tomorrow, and a list of things I want to do next week, and next year, and a list of things I meant to do but never did. A list of things I need to buy, a list of things I want to try, and a list of things I bought that I need to return but probably won't. I have a list of ways I think I could improve my hair, my clothes, my makeup, my house, my cooking, and my vocabulary. A list of things I really want to be, and a list of things I like to think I am. 

I write my lists in pencil and in pen – color coded and highlighted – tagged with various sized post it markings. If you write on my list and it doesn't match my handwriting and slant exactly, I will throw away the list and write another one. I keep lists on paper, in calendars, in software programs that can be dropboxed, emailed, and shared through a cloud. I add to my lists in airport lobbies and voice mail messages sent to myself so that I can get home and dictate the message into a list.

And during the holidays my list addiction reaches a new frenzy as I catalog and categorize the presents, the cards, the decorating, the food, the thank you notes, the who gets what and when. And every delightful store I enter, without question, showcases a beautiful display of notebooks and pads with sparkles and bows and glittery pens that I MUST take home to create – of course – MORE LISTS!

While I'm quite good at making the list, I'm not as good at achieving the items on the list. And so I just add more to the burden of heavily weighted things to do, until I'm depressed that I didn't do everything on the list I created. I should probably see somebody about that. There are probably a lot of good treatment centers in my area. Let me just make a list….


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  1. Too funny! This motivational speaker was just making a list of everything I need to accomplish by the end of the week. Since I immediately felt overwhelmed and exhausted I decided to avoid my list and read your blog instead. Irony. Now I realize the errors of my ways — I need fancier paper and pens for my listmaking!! Okay, back to my list….

  2. Oh yes. But I make my lists – and then promptly LOSE my lists. So then I start another list – of the same things – and then lose THAT list. So there will end up being 5 or 6 partial lists everywhere I've been in the last week.  Then I have to list all th places I've been in order to track down the lists – because ONE of them has a VERY important phone number on the other side.


  3. Hahaha!  Would you believe I just got back from Office Max with 2 new notebooks for which I use for writing all of the list you mentioned, Kelly??  But here's the zinger: one for me and one for my 22 year old son who I just finished having a long talk with about the merits of making lists!  Oh no!  Another generation of list-makers, only I wonder how a guy's list habit will differ from us women?  Hmmmm…Let me write my list of ideas on that.

  4. Oh my blogging friends, I so can relate!  I have lists of lists and like you Kelly, I don't finish them!  So, I thought I'd be organized and have a list pre-printed with the things I need to do everyday, and then I forget to actually print that day's list……what's wrong with us?  If our houses were on fire, would we actually run around looking for our lists?  Again, you have a funny way of looking at things we can all relate to!

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