It’s All in Your Head

Womens-leadership-speaker-Colette-CarlsonDid I infect your brain with that Partridge Family theme song last week? (If you somehow missed last week’s post, go to Motivational Speaker Says C’mon Get Happy to get up to speed.) My apologies! At least it’s not as bad as the “It’s a Small World” theme song. Oops! Sorry. Did that one just get in your head? See how powerful our minds are and how susceptible to outside influences? Especially as the political season ramps up, we’re increasingly bombarded with negative messages that can infiltrate our thoughts and sap our happiness. But there are steps you can take to cultivate contentment, and last week I promised to share more with you in the upcoming weeks.

One of the most powerful techniques is simply giving thanks. I know – we’ve all heard it so many times it’s become trite – the whole “attitude of gratitude” bit. But as a motivational speaker, I know the truth of this message and I’m here to tell you, it’s effective. Research has shown that counting your blessings can be enormously powerful in creating more positive states of mind. Why not take it a step further and write down those things for which you are grateful? Not everything on your list has to be profound, and the list doesn’t have to be long. Start with three things. Today, my list includes ….

Think this is airy fairy? Research says otherwise from Harvard professor and author Shawn Achor, who teaches positive psychology. His book, The Happiness Project, features a study performed on accountants in the middle of tax season. Can you say stress? But this simple gratitude exercise left the control group engaged and happier even weeks later.

Science has shown that taking this type of inventory on a regular basis will promote better health, optimism and greater satisfaction with your life. Truthfully, who doesn’t want that?

What things are you grateful for today?


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  1. You.

  2. Right on!!! Yes yes yes! I sing this song to anyone who will listen. It’s a powerful tool. So I’ll join in the parade right now.
    1.  I’m grateful for YOU TOO! You remind me of what’s important!!!
    2.  I’m grateful for Kelly Swanson – She makes me healthier by making me laugh
    3.  I’m grateful for Bill Swanson who makes this whole blog platform possible!!
    4.  I’m grateful for my feet – they get me where I want to go. (See how simple an object of your gratitude can be?  But seriously, how under appreciated are most of our feet???? I’m not kidding here..)
    My list could go on and on….
    So thank you again for reminding me to be grateful. 


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