Is It Time to Let Go?

Tami Evans, Is it Time to Let Go?

It seems so simple.  Just open up your hand and release what you are holding.

If your hand, however, is holding the back of a bicycle seat that your child is riding for the first time, simple release can feel like nearly an impossible feat. 

You know that by releasing the bike, your small person will almost certainly retain balance and pedal off into the next stage of their life, independent of you.

Holding on is certain, slow and safe.  Letting go is risky, thrilling and ultimately the right thing to do. 

Recently I passed a family who were letting go for the first time.  They jogged along next to the bicycle, even when they were no longer holding the seat.

“Nick!  You are doing it!  You are doing it all on your own!”  The look of sheer joy on the young boy’s face was magical.  It is our very first experience of flying solo – literally – and it quite often changes us forever. 

Is there something you are ready to do on your own, without the safe hand holding you?  Perhaps it is going on a solo adventure, attending a networking event as a party-of-one, or taking your passion from hobby to business. 

Yes, it is safer to hold back, to hold on, to wait.  But life is not about staying safe in the nest.  Life is about scooting up to the edge, spreading our wings and flying.

You can do this.  Just remember to look forward, trust yourself, and keep pedaling! 



Motivational Speaker Tami Evans shares her energy, passion and humor to create an unforgettable experience for audiences. Recently appearing on The Dr. Oz Show (where she taught him to chair dance) Tami lives her belief that laughter is a vital part of learning. Her entertainment-based content celebrates and motivates participants, engages and empowers employees, creates communication cohesion, boosts confidence and busts stress! To book motivational speaker Tami Evans: 646-479-6686

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  1. After reading this beautiful inspriational blog, I flashed to my closet. Okay, I know I could have gone deeper, but I'm a practical gal who just "let go" of certain items I cherished. Rather than wait for my daughters' or girlfriend's opinion, I took action. Perhaps it was simply an avoidance tactic, but I recently cleaned my jammed and crammed closet. Too much packing/unpacking left it in shambles, and I was wasting chunks of time looking for that specific black top!  Shoes – some that had only been worn once before discovering the pain they caused my baby toe – hit the pile. Cute black pencil skirt that doesn't leave a mark around my waist after minutes of wearing? Pile! Three more were uncovered in dry cleaner bags. Hourssssssssssss later I felt the rush of accomplishment, and drove straight to the donation center before I changed my mind. I would have pedaled there, but I couldn't balance all the bags. Thanks for the push, Tami!

    • Excellent application of this principle, Colette. And fabulously well written. I can just see you in your little blonde flurry tossing things over your head! GREAT story!

    • MAN Colette!  I sure wish I did not live on the 'other' coast, because some of your "pile items" sound like they could find a home in MY closet : )  Good for you for clearning the clutter – it is so good for your soul and your closet!

  2. Oh Tami, thank you so much. Maybe all motivational speakers talk about letting go – but you talk about it in a way that resonates so loudly in my heart and mind. AND, as always is the case, you put in writing a message that I am working on right now. Thank you for answering some angel's call to help me out. You are magnificent.

  3. Are you reading my diary, Tami?  Or is it universal to want to hold on to what's safe?  Thanks for your timely insight and encouraging words.  And Colette, I just finished purging my closet today!  3 bags full. 

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