If You Could Give This Year a Name – What Would it Be?

motivational_speaker_linda_larsen_2014I remember attending a Church service many years ago on the first Sunday of a New Year wherein the minister talked to us about the importance of the name that we give things in our life. He said that when we name something – we are basically stating the nature of that thing. Well, as a motivational speaker who talks a lot about the power of the words we choose in life, I agreed totally with what he was saying. And then he did something really cool. He looked at this idea from a much bigger perspective.

He invited us to give the New Year a name. He asked us to state the nature of this new year. He said that by doing that we were setting a very powerful intention as to what we wanted to create for the next 365 days. He said that by defining the quality of this year, and aligning ourselves with that quality, we were putting ourselves in the design seat of our lives. We were basically saying, "THIS is what is important to me. THIS is the quality I want to manifest more of in my life."

I've done this every year now for many years. Most of the years I have written that one word on a small white stone and put the stone on my desk where I would see it every year. One year was named, "LOVE." One year was named, "ABUNDANCE." One year was named, "GRATITUDE." This year is a big one for me. This year is named, "HAPPINESS."

So, I'll ask you. If you could give this year a name for you – what would it be?



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  1. DISCOVERY!!!!  I love the white stone idea!  Where do I get one?  Wait, I'll DISCOVER that one on my own :)

  2. I'm choosing the same word I did last year – because I feel like I need another year to really embody it. FORGIVENESS.  I'm learning to let go of what people say, of what they do, or don't do. I am releasing judgment, blame, and opinions. It will be hard, as I have many opinions. But I'm going to try and just say "so what" and focus on something positive and peaceful.

  3. I love this idea of naming the year – my word for this year is Epic.  A big part of my keynote speeches is the idea of having a vision – so my word comes from how I would describe my year if we were talking about it on December 31 2014.  I picture clinging a glass of champagne with Frenchie and toasting to our year saying "It truly was Epic".  And THAT would make me very happy! :)

  4. Focus. And you know why!!

  5. ALIGNMENT for two reasons; 1) As a motivational speaker on communicaton I have been scrambling around developing lots of tools, toys and programs and now I want to align them all under one "roof" and create my virtual Communication Clubhouse  2) I want to acheive a deeper level of alliance with my dear NSA loved ones, both here and in my NYC chapter, so I can support and feel supported as part of this fabulous family. 


  6. Craft, Year of the Craft. We are craftswomen and men.

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