I Don’t Write Because I Can; I Write Because I Have To

I was reading this wonderful blog post by Jeff Goins on the subject of passion – and how he is now writing for the love of it, not for the reward of it. The blog post is below. And I’m realizing how blessed I am to be doing exactly what I love – as a motivational speaker and comedian and storyteller- exactly what I am passionate about – and getting paid for it! And I didn’t start here (whatever “here” is). I started long ago with a burning passion to write – that consumed me. And for years I called myself a writer without a story. But still I wrote. I tried to get published – but that didn’t work. But still I wrote. I chased after dreams that hit dead ends. But still I wrote. And wrote. And wrote. And kept doing what I loved – what brought me joy – not worrying that I might not be good enough, or that there might not be a place for me to do it. Not because I could – but because I just couldn’t stop. So, yeah, I get it. I have been doing what I love for years – and one day the money started to come. And I found my place. I’m not in this seeking a reward. (Good thing!) I’m just doing what I love one sweet day at a time.

And so now I ask you: What do you really love to do? And why aren’t you doing it? (And for those you wise-butts giving me smart answers – I’m being serious. Pick something clean and legal.)

Here’s Jeff’s blog. It’s good. Read it. I think you’ll like. His Writer’s Manifesto is fun too!



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  1. Good one, Kelly.  And fortunately, as a motivational speaker, I AM doing what I am passionate about. But then again, as a professional actor, I was deeply passionate about acting.  I was HUGELY passionate about my work as an acting teacher, a trial consultant and a writer.  Heck (and I’m not being a wise-butt here), I am passionate about a LOT of what I do or have done. I think for me, if I don’t have passion for something, I just can’t really do it for very long.   

  2. My passion is to be a teacher, and I’ve been blessed to find it through being a motivational speaker! When you teach, you also must be a student of learning which is also my passion. I’m also passionate about chocolate (okay, needed one smart-butt statement!). Thanks, Kelly.

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