How to Find Even MORE Really Creative Ideas!

uncomfortableI like to think of myself as a funny motivational speaker. And I think I am because I just made myself laugh out loud!

I wrote a recent blog titled How to Get REALLY Creative Ideas. In it I suggested that if you want to get A great idea – then you need to get lots of ideas (good, bad and ugly) because ideas feed off each other.  And guess what happened? Immediately after posting the article, I IMMEDIATELY thought of another idea on how to stimulate creative ideas! I LOVE it!

Here it is:  Get comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Since a huge percentage of our thinking and behaviors are automatic and without conscious intention, it becomes very comfortable to do what we've always done. We don't have to step outside our tiny safety zone or strain our little brain. It's just plain easy. If, however, we want to come up with some new, innovative ideas, then it becomes imperative that we do something different, investigate uncharted territories, and exercise flabby brain cells.

Exactly what kinds of activities are we talking about? Do things you wouldn't normally do and do them frequently, like:

  • Drive to work a different way
  • Eat or write with your non-dominant hand a few minutes each day
  • Wear clothes you wouldn't normally wear
  • Read a magazine that wouldn't usually appeal to you
  • Learn to juggle
  • Practice a musical instrument
  • Try a new sport
  • Don't like hats? Wear one
  • Don't like to dance? Do it anyway
  • Walk backwards a few minutes a day (one of my personal faves)

If you're thinking right now, "I would hate that!" then great! You're on the right track! Simply take on this possibility: That the process of doing these new and awkward activities could actually become fun, will definitely wake you up and will promote stimulation in the creative part of your brain. In other words, you'll be building the muscle that you need for creative thinking!

Gotta run. Juggle balls are calling.

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  1. Yes, keep being creative as these are great suggestions! I'm going to eat with my non-dominant hand — not only might I become more creative, but I'll slow down my meals and make me more conscious of what's getting shoveled in!! Thanks, Linda.

  2. This is awesome! I'm going to share this right now. And it is sooooo true – you HAVE to get uncomfortable in order to get out of our comfort zone.

  3. Ooh, now this is interesting!  As motivational speakers we gush about what we're familiar with and passionate about but to venture into the strange and new?  I accept that challenge and look forward to what creative ideas pop up!  Love it!

  4. Yup!  Totally agree with you once again Linda!  Sometimes as motivational speakers we seem like we're totally comfortable with our comfort zone and in fact we are not.  But, we work on stretching ourselves and we get good at it most of the time.  You do it brilliantly!

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