How Habits Can Keep You In The Box

motivational speaker flying highI was reading another wonderful blog by Randy Gage (link below) and as usual he hit home. He’s talking about how we claim we want to live outside the box, yet our habits indicate we aren’t walking our talk. And what a great way for us to practice getting out of our comfort zone – by taking baby steps in other areas of our life. Change up our routine – try something new – look at an opposing view. There are hundreds of ways each day that we can break from our regular habit and do something we aren’t comfortable with. These tiny things can help us be more comfortable when it comes to the big things – however, comfort really never comes into. Because the whole point of coming out of your comfort zone, is that it will never be comfortable.

So what tiny habit can you break today?

Just more shared wisdom from on your favorite, okay only, motivational speakers.

Enjoy Randy’s post!


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  1. Good stuff.  Been talking about automatic, unthinking habitual behaviors since the late 90’s when I ran across the work of Dr. John Bargh (cited frequesntly in Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Blink, published in 2005).  Dr. Bargh’s work focuses on (his words here) “the unconscious mechanisms that underlie social perception, evaluation and preferences, and motivation and goal pursuit in realistic and complex social environments. That each of these basic psychological phenomena occur without the person’s intention and awareness, yet have such strong effects on the person’s decisions and behavior, has considerable implications for philosophical matters such as free will, and the nature and purpose of consciousness itself.”    He really gets to the bottom of things and his research is worth investigating.  I actually cited his work a few times in my book, True Power, published in 2000.

  2. This motivational speaker is going to switch the side of the bed she sleeps on for a week. Just to shake it up! Just kidding, great research – been studying this subject as well and never ceases to amaze me how much repetition is required to create new habits. One baby step at a time….

  3. Great to be jostled out of our patterns from time to time!  I just heard the author of  a new book on habits say that every habit has a cost.  Looking at what a habit costs us might be incentive enough to change.  Thanks for the great link Kelly!

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