How do you see yourself?

I just came across this video that moved me.  The concept is how we see ourselves vs. how others see us using a sketch artist.  Imagine you describing yourself to an artist who cannot see you, then imagine your best friend, or even an aquaintance describe you to the same artist. Wow – see what happened in this experiment reminding me how important it is to see ourselves with a more positve light.  It's worth the click on the link below.


From your going to be nicer to myself after watching this experiment, motviational speaker, Marilyn Sherman


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  1. When I originally saw this Dove promotion, I remember feeling disheartened as well. We're always going to be our own worst critics, but this video is a wonderful reminder to be kinder to ourselves.

  2. What a beautiful video. And how true it is.  A tiny part of me wishes that we could go even deeper and see ourselves for more than what our face and hair look like. That is where the beauty really lies. It has nothing to do with whether the chin was thinner or the face was rounder. If we close our eyes and imagine the people who have impacted us most in life – and then think why – I don't imagine that one thing on that list would be about their face or body.  Which probably makes me a hypocrite since I love fake hair and makeup. But I am fully aware that the hair and makeup is just for me, and has nothing to do with why others love me.


  3. Yes, I had the same response as Colette did when I saw this video a while back. We simply have no objectivity when it comes to ourselves. And of course we don't. We are the SUBJECT of our own thoughts about ourselves.  I can't even imagine what an artist would come up with based on how I would describe myself to them.  

  4. My youngest son's preschool teacher asked him to describe what his mom looked like: "Her hair is like wiggely worms and she has big lips," he responded.  I'll stick with that image :)

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