How Are You With Disorganization, Chaos and Squalor?

IMG_1656I'm HIDEOUS with it. HIDEOUS! I feel like I can't think, work or organize a single thought when my surroundings are all discombobulated.  So when I read the post by my brilliant colleague and friend, Colette Carlson, about how friends are essential to your happiness, I knew I had to share an experience that I'm having – as we speak. Or as I type. Perhaps the photo I've attached here will give you some clue of the current state of my life. Click here for how to handle disorganization and chaos.


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  1. Oh, Linda, I can so feel your pain. I need things to be "tidy" before I feel a sense of clarity. Glad Polly was there with a great ear, but even better, glad you asked. May the chaos now bring years of joy when completed!

  2. Oh, Linda, I can sooooo relate. When I close my eyes I see closets that are too full, toys that need to be sifted and given away, paperwork that needs to be filed, pantries that need to be cleaned out, baseboards that need cleaning, a deck that needs pressure washing, a basement – don't get me started on the basement….Just the thought clenches my stomach. So I really needed to hear your words right now. As a motivational speaker, I understand the value in having a clutter-free life. As a motivational speaker, working Mom, homeschooling parent, and wife, I'm lucky to get dinner made. I started my single life as an anal clean neat freak, and have landed in the world of ever-reigning chaos. But I refuse to spend the few golden free moments I have cleaning. I'd rather spend it on other things.  So today, I let it all go. And just breathe.  Thank you for this gift.


  3. Someone once told me if you want to organize a new house when you move, schedule a house warming party.  That way, you'll be sure to put every thing away. Well, we moved in April, and I invited people to come to a house-warming/birthday party for Frenchie combo for May 1.  Needless to say, it's almost September 1 and I have yet to re-schedle the cancelled party. I never got the boxes unpacked.  Today is my day – I have a maid coming at 1 – and she can't clean a floor that she can't see!  I'll let you know how that goes – I am NOT cancelling her!!!

  4. I'm glad I could help you out even a little bit with what I know was total chaos! I think everyone is affected by dishevelment and dissaray, even if they don't know it.  Once it's cleared there's this parting-of-the-clouds peace in one's head. Once you pinpoint the thing that is making you crazy, it's easier to handle it.  And finally, always call a girlfriend to rant and rave to.  That's what we're here for!

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