How A Small Thing Can Lose A Big Customer

True story. Hotel/Convention center had a BIG client – BIG event – BIG repeat business. Everybody was always on their toes to please this client and the group attending the event. It meant a lot to them, and to the other businesses in the community who also profited. And in one small moment they lost the client and all future business. How? Over toilet paper.

What happened? Someone came to the front desk of the hotel and said their room was out of toilet paper. To which the desk clerk replied, “I’m sorry. We’re out. The shipment will not get here until Wednesday.” And that moment sealed their fate. Turns out the paper-challenged guest was the decision maker. And in that moment he made a decision – to move his event somewhere else.

I’m sure you could say that mistakes were made on many levels. But the truth remains, that it’s the little things we do that often matter most.

From your profound motivational speaker, dispensing advice, one square at a time.


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  1. Wow! What a costly mistake. Ever heard of Sam’s Club or Costco? As a motivational speaker who has seen her share of public bathrooms, there is nothing more telling than a facility that isn’t clean or without the essentials. Although we’re told not to sweat the small stuff, it’s the small stuff that makes the big difference like you’ve pointed out. I’ll think of your post every time I’m paper challenged!

  2. Motivational speakers talk a lot about attitude and how it affects your bottom line. Here’s a prime example. One bad apple, or someone just having a bad day, and many thousands of dollars in business evaporated. Great reminder.

  3. Oh wow. Isn’t this the truth. I believe that every single person in an organization – IS the organization. What a great example of just how true that is – AND how it can impact the bottom line.


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