How a Multi-Tasking Mama Meets a Man…the Wrong Way

car guy surprisePerhaps you’ve seen funny videos of people walking into pools, walls or traffic while texting.  I’ll have to admit I’ve walked into the men’s bathroom twice in one week at different airports, so my latest antic shouldn’t surprise anyone – including me!

Here’s what happened. While hurriedly walking to my car following a gym workout, I heard the harp ringtone alerting me of a text from my oldest daughter. This is the same daughter who faithfully calls once a week from college, but rarely texts — unlike her younger sister, who provides almost daily campus updates. I immediately turned my focus to her text to reassure myself she was not in a burning building. I was simultaneously unlocking my car and climbing in when suddenly I heard a loud, gruff, “HEY LADY!”

Yes, this motivational speaking mother who is always telling her children to “dial-in” almost took her sweaty, tired old body and plopped it on top of a young man who was sitting in HIS car. Now I know I’m always encouraging others to build relationships, but this is not what I have in mind. I’m also teaching others to be in the now, to stop multi-tasking and start multi-asking for what you need to be successful. I’m encouraging others to speak your truth – to align your thoughts, words and actions, and in this moment, my truth was I’m a big fat hypocrite!

Not only did I not notice that this young man was even in the car, but my own car was in a completely different location.

I’m well aware of the research that shows how multi-tasking is ineffective. I’m well aware of the research that shows how being mindful creates less stress and more balance. BUT obviously being aware (like when I’m aware I’m eating too much chocolate as I reach for the next piece) isn’t enough. It’s all about the action we take on our awareness.

So, what am I saying? It’s time for me to walk my talk. I’m flying out tonight, and I’m committed to finding the women’s restroom.



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  1. Oh my gosh, Colette. I'm sorry, I don't want to laugh at your expense, but the image of this is hysterically funny!! And, speaking as a motivational speaker (speaking as a speaker?) this proves a HUGE point! It's not that we (none of us on this planet) don't know what to do, it's just that our automatic behaviors are so strong that we will ALL succumb to them from time to time. So we are to do what YOU did! Just NOTICE (there's the awareness part), and set a conscious intention to do better next time!  Very very funny, Ms. Colette….


  2. Was he cute?

  3. Hahaha!  Couldn't resist my previous response.  My friend was just telling me how she is making an effort to be in the moment by doing things like really and truly feeling the water on her skin when she showers or how the steering wheel feels in her hands while driving.  Now there's the most important health habit we could all adopt!

  4. I am sure you made his day Colette! I'm sure he's still telling all his friends. How funny! This story is definitely a keeper. Use it!!!!

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