Happy! Happy! Happy!

HappyHis name is Lyman Graham and he is a Food Services Director in New Mexico. He is in charge of making certain that the kids in New Mexico schools get healthy, wholesome, tasty, nourishing food every single day. I met him recently when I was the closing keynote speaker for the New Mexico School Nutrition Association's annual conference in Albuquerque. Oh how I loved this man.

He seemed so very…um…well…happy. He addressed the crowd of almost 300 school foodservice workers with such joy and passion that I was absolutely captivated by his energy. And then he said it – his "credo" for work.

He said, "Those of you who know me, know my motto: 'Happy! Happy! Happy!' I ask everyone to repeat this throughout the day, everywhere I go. Happy! Happy! Happy! Happy that I get to serve the kids! Happy that the meal I put on their plates is paid for! And Happy that I have customers! Happy! Happy! Happy!"

And we all laughed and caught his happiness and felt fabulous. 

As I thought back about him after the conference was over, it occured to me that this perspective of his, this motto or credo or whatever you want to call it, cost him nothing. He didn't have to jump through any hoops to get it. It was simply a choice he made, and decided to consciously live by, every day. And because of that, I believe Lyman Graham will leave a very powerful legacy on this planet. Not just by his actions, but also by the example he sets of the power of choosing how you want to live your life. Does he accomplish Happy! Happy! Happy! every single day? Probably not. But I'll just bet you he is way ahead of the rest of us who have chosen to live by something like Cranky Cranky Cranky. Or Whiny Whiny Whiny. I'm just sayin'.

Rock on, Lyman. 



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  1. What a neat sounding person! And what a happy happy happy post. Those types of people are infectious and do this world soo much good.  They are the ones who choose happy, create happy, and spread happy wherever they go.  And, Linda, in case you didn't already know, you scream happy happy happy in every breath you take. It radiates from you. You groom it. You treasure it. You nourish it. You work on it – even when you don't necessarily feel it. And as a result, you light up a room with it. You light up an audience. You blaze a trail of happy leaving us all happy in your wake. NEVER underestimate the power in such a gift. You never cease to amaze me, and make me happy.

  2. I love this guy already! So cool.  It reminds me of the song that you introduced me to that I now use in my walk in music for my keynotes: Pharrel's Happy song.  It always makes me think of you Linda!

  3. Ah well! Great minds, Marilyn. I use that song for walk-OFF music. 

  4. Don't you know that Mr. Graham is going to be remembered by all who worked with him!  And the trickle down is powerful: when you're happy you make better decisions about your health.  As a mom and motivational speaker on healthy lifestyles, I'm super impressed that that kind of person is at the head of feeding the children of New Mexico! 

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