Happiness inspires productivity…

A few weeks ago a friend sent a note with this link  in it to me. I glanced at it and skipped to the next e-mail as I was waaaaaaay to busy to take the 12 minutes and 21 seconds it was going to take to watch the video clip. Last week I was working in California. Go figure, I got “snowed in” … now there’s a whole other story. Sufficient to say, contrary to my unspoken and at the same time firmly held expectation, my not being able to work during a seemingly critical time for our company, did not lead to our business collapsing or the world stopping spinning around it’s own axis. So with time on my hands, I watched this clip… if you have space in your life to be happier, to work more effectively and to make a positive contribution to the lives of the people who come into contact with you… then I’d strongly recommend taking 12 minutes and 21 seconds to enjoy watching psychologist Shawn Achor show you how happiness inspires productivity.



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  1. Thank you PAUL!!!  I LOVE this information and I LOVE this guy!  In my work as a motivational speaker, I have a keynote presentation that I do called The Imperatively Important Pursuit of Happiness. It’s my MOST favorite topic and my LEAST selected by meeting planners.  People don’t get just how incredibly important happiness is in their success.  But with more guys like you and Shawn Achor, maybe they will!  Thanks again!

    • Linda, if it is your most favorite topic but least requested, then perhaps the disconnect is in the title, not the perceived value. People are often apt to avoid pain more than seek pleasure. Seeking happiness may not be their hook. But what if your Pursuit of Happiness were the second line – and you came up with a pain-filled title that makes them say, “Yeah, I NEED that.” For example: Ten Ways To Keep From Killing Your Co-Workers – The Imperatively Important Pursuit of Happiness.  It’s not catchy. And I’m sure there’s a better line. But I learned recently to think about what people are lying in their bed at night wishing. And some aren’t wishing to pursue happiness – some are wishing they could stop being miserable. Just a tiny little way to change the hook. 

      I may be wrong. It’s happened before.


  2. My pleasure Linda… and thank you!

  3. Paul, one of the reasons I became a motivational speaker is because I experienced the power of these truths and wanted to share with everyone!  Although I was always a happy person overall, I found myself 50 lbs overweight  and  NOT moving in the direction of my dreams. Thanks to some great shelf-help books that included these beliefs, I got back on path. For me, it was the daily journal and gratitude exercises that began the shift to a more positive state which led to more positive choices. I still work at it, as it’s too easy to get caught in the cultural ADHA Shawn mentions. Incredible video. Thank you for sharing such great insight!

  4. I LOVE what Shawn Achor has to say here!  I think even motivational speakers can use that wonderful list of retraining the brain to create happiness.  Thank you for the share, Paul.

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