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cookbookI'm working on a new cookbook and I am fervently determined to keep it brief, informative and DEELICIOUS!  What I'm invisioning is that each section has 10-15 recipes (breakfast, salads, soups, etc.) max.  This may sound too sparse to some but I just finished cleaning out my cookbook collection (we're having a cookbook swap at work) and it saddened me to let go of some of these beautifully photographed and scrumptious sounding books.  But I faced reality and realized that I probably would never crack one open and try one of the recipes if I hadn't for the 20 years it was on the shelf!

I don't want my cookbook to be known just for it's looks :) or to overwhelm.  I want it spiral bound, open on your kitchen counter and stained with olive oil and tomato juice!  If I offer you a few of the tasiest recipes in each section, guaranteed to please, then I think the book will win that prize kitchen counter real estate. The photo in this blog is a treasured, stained, hand-me-down Methodist Church cookbook from my Mosheim, Tennesee grandma.  Notice the "Scripture Cake" recipe on bottom left.

Here's a sample of what the "Breakfast Grab & Go" section will hold:

  • Ezekiel Toast with almond butter and real jam
  • Spinach Berry Smoothie with an Almond Milk base
  • Scrambled egg in a whole wheat tortilla with avocado and salsa
  • Overnight oatmeal topped with raisins and walnuts
  • Greek Yogurt with fresh fruit and nuts
  • Fresh fruit with cashew cream (blended raw cashews, dates,vanilla, almond milk)
  • Whole wheat bagel with Neufchatel cheese and sliced strawberries
  • Hard boiled egg sandwich: whole grain toast, spread of avocado, thinly sliced tomato and sliced hard boiled egg
  • Sweet Potato Almond Butter on toasted whole grain Cinnamon Raison English muffin half
  • Sliced apples with Jason's Maple Almond Butter squeeze packs

Save the Scripture Cake breakfast for when you're at home. Ha. I'd love to hear your opinions!



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  1. Oh Polly you've made my mouth water just reading these scrumptous breakfast items! I'm in! I'm in! Can I pre-order a bunch of your cookbooks? I'm serious. As a motivational speaker on healthy life-styles I TALK about making better choices with the foods we eat. Well, now I could provide a resource in the back of the room to help them do just that! I can't WAIT for this book! 



  3. Ok. Not sure what happened to my other comment. Let me say again, that I think this is a wonderful idea, and I want to get a copy as soon as its ready!!!

  4. Sounds nummy. Now if only you could be here each morning to greet me with that big Polly smile too!

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