God Bless the USA!!!

I’m a motivational speaker which means I travel – a lot. So when I was asked to speak for a company in Amsterdam a few weeks ago, my first response was, “Yay!  And I’ll get my husband an airline award ticket so he can join me and we’ll take a side trip to Paris! Yippee! Hooray!”

And that’s just what we did. And it was marvelous, phenomenal, AMAZING!  We LOVED experiencing the different cultures, the amazing food (my body vaguely resembles the shape of an eclair now), and the stunning buildings and wonderful people.  I learned so much while I was there and will share some of those lessons in later blogs. But right now I want to share the MOST important thing I walked away with from this trip.  And forgive me ’cause I’m going to do a little all capital letter shouting here…

WE HAVE IT SO FLIPPIN’ GOOD HERE IN THE USA!!!  We do! We have fabulous roads and big clean bathrooms everywhere, and happy people, and smiling customer service people, and stores with HUGE selections, and opportunities GALORE!!!

Yes, yes, we have a struggling economy and people still needs jobs and 401Ks are shrinking as we speak, but please listen to me here:  WE ARE VERY, VERY, VERY BLESSED to be living in this country!  We sometimes forget that and we focus on all the stuff we don’t have – and we get cranky.   And, yes, I’m speaking to myself here.  I forget.  I just forget.  And sometimes all I need is an experience like traveling abroad to give me a shift in perspective.  Well, I got it during this trip.

So as we approach our nation’s big birthday celebration in a week or so, I hope you join me as I take the time to REALLY think about blessed we all are to be living in the United States of America .  Think about it and give great thanks.

I have to go now.  I’m going to go stand in my shower.  Not to bathe, you understand – but just stand there fully clothed and marvel at how spacious and pretty it is.

From your grateful American motivational speaker, Linda Larsen, home at last





Motivational Speaker Linda Larsen, CSP has been described by meeting planners and audiences as "hysterically funny," and "riveting." Known for her ability to connect on an authentic and emotional level with audiences, her spontaneous sense of humor, and her engaging and powerful stories, Linda is passionate about sharing ideas to help people live their finest, best, and most productive lives. Her riveting and true story of being kidnapped and held hostage at gunpoint by an escaped convict, and the strategies she used to escape, will give people the tools THEY need to rise above any of life's toughest challenges, to communicate more effectively with THEIR difficult person, and to find creative solutions to THEIR problems. To book motivational speaker, Linda Larsen: 941-927-4700

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  1. There’s no place like home….truth. We are blessed Linda in both big and small ways when we call the USA home.  Thanks for reminding all of us to be appreciative of all our choices. I so appreciated that thin-crusted, gooey, delicious pizza I enjoyed last night while in the Midwest. CA doesn’t make the pizza I grew up craving. Thank Goodness or Polly would have to perform an intervention! Welcome back.

  2. Welcome home Linda!  My parents were great teacher of exactly what you speak about here.  For each kid (there were 7 of us) they took us to some place around the word between our Jr. and Sr. year of high school so we could see just how other cultures live.  The intention was that we would really appreciate the opportunities in the US, take our senior year of high school seriously and go on to get a good education.  I’ll never forget my trip and have since really really appreciated how great we have it here.  Although, Paris is still my happy place…… :) 

  3. Linda, I just LOVE this post, and couldn’t agree with you more! And I will take it one step further to say that we need to remember what it is that we love about our country, so we don’t ever lose it! Freedom is a treasured gift. 

  4. I forget too Linda so thank you for reminding me of how wonderful this country is that we call home!

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