Gifts from a father that didn’t come wrapped with a bow

Goofing with Dad

I know I'm lucky for a ton of reasons. I have a great job, awesome friends, and I'm married (this time) to a GREAT guy. But today I'm focusing on how lucky I am to have such a great dad. Many of my friends no longer have their dads around, only in their hearts. But, my dad is going strong.  Still going to the office at 84 years old!  In fact, when I call my dad’s office, when asked who is calling, I always say #7 (reference to my birth order). 

My dad has given me many gifts over the years, gifts that couldn't be tied up in a bow. As we are about to celebrate another Father's day, let me just share the gifts of this special father and what he's given me.

The gift of laughter.  He is a serious businessman; with a work ethic like no one I've ever met. But he loves to laugh and he loves to enjoy life. He even gave me coaching once that I had to add more humor into my motivational speeches. (Who knew he would so smart about how speakers are booked?) It worked.

– The gift of hard work. Yes, all my life I've seen my dad work hard. And, he plays hard too, but I learned that you can really enjoy play after you've worked really hard. 

– The gift of doing the right thing. Remember those Sunday night shows on TV – Dragnet, McMillan and Wife, Kojak?  That was family time in our home. Without a missing a Sunday, dad would always announce after every episode 'Crime does not pay!'  After hearing that enough times, it became a life lesson to always do the right thing.

– The gift of visioning a goal-achievement. My dad was always talking about the importance of having a vision, setting goals, leading a life of value. Growing up he would always say to me "What are you doing this week? Next week? Next month? Next year? What's your five-year plan? What will be your major in college? You HAVE to declare a major."

My response? "Dad, I'm only 6!" 

– Family is everything. Sure, we don't have a perfect family, who does?  But in the end, it's family that matters most. 

So thank you Dad, for the gifts you've given me, and continue to give me.  

Happy Father's Day!

Love, your Lucky #7


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  1. Awwwwwwww. That is so sweet. You've got a great dad. Every time I call MY Dad he says, "How'd you get this number?"

  2. Beautiful blog reminding me of how blessed I am to still have my Dad in my life. Makes me appreciate my ex who is an outstanding father to our daughters.

  3. Wonderful way to honor your father for this father's day! And what great lessons he taught you! He sounds like an amazing guy.

  4. Marilyn, I love that beautiful list of gifts you honor your father by.  He sounds wonderful.  You are lucky #7 for sure!

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