Gift For Those Shy Ones Who Feel Alone

People are often surprised to hear that I am shy at heart. Yes, it's true. Hard to believe, I'm sure – but true all the same. Being the picked on kid growing up, meant that I walked around in constant fear of people noticing me. Because if they noticed me, they picked on me. And so when attention turned to me in class I stammered. My neck got red. My pulse raced.

I was a horrible hugger my whole life. Friends and family would tease me by trying to capture me for a hug, just to watch my distressed reaction.

I got over all of this in college. Blame it on the beer or "liquid courage" is it has been called. I'm not proud, just honest. It was here that I grew in confidence and turned from being the quiet one to the Jim Belushi one that everyone wanted at their parties. And every year after that, my confidence grew and I became more outgoing, more comfortable in social settings, and eventually brave enough to stand on a stage as a motivational speaker.

But I am still shy at heart. I still walk into a room of strangers and my heart pounds. I still look out on an audience and my stomach clenches with worry that they will not accept me. I would still rather do stomach crunches than attend a cocktail party where I must walk around and make small talk with other couples. I still stand in the middle of thousands of people and hug necks and exchange dreams, and long to draw away and retreat to my hotel room. I still find myself craving to crawl into a corner where  nobody notices me.

And what a beautiful gift I received when I read Seth Godin's blog post this week called "Sea of Strangers."  How eloquently he put my feelings into words. And so today I want to share his post with you – or specifically to those of you who need to hear this right now. May it bring you encouragement like it did me.


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  1. Am I ever glad you found that liqud courage in college that brought you closer to all of us! And I know that if you'd prefer stomach crunches to small talk, you're serious about this feeling. Your blog brought back a memory of sitting in the school cafeteria…by myself as a tenth grader. Second time in three years as the new girl in a new school who knew no one holding back tears.I glanced up to see Star Leturno (seriously, her name) before me saying, "You must be new. Care if I join you?" Star and I never became close friends, but I always gave her the biggest smile when we passed in the hallway, and I'm eternally grateful for her willingness to approach a stranger and make small talk. What an unforgettable gift she gave me that day.

  2. People would think, Kelly, that because you are a motivational speaker you must be really outgoing and unafraid. And how loving of you to share with us the fears that led you to where you are today. I think you really do exactly what Seth is talking about. You do reach out first. Inspite of whatever residual fear or anxiety might be there – you, Kelly absolutely reach out to make others feel comfortable. You are such a gift to this planet.

  3. Gosh. What sweet comments. With you two in my back pocket. I will never lack for self confidence.  Hopefully, this post helped some other shy people out there. Once again, I find that we have to act before we feel. Act brave and you'll feel brave later. Don't wait to feel 100% confident – fake it till you make it. Good-night ladies. I sure do appreciate you.

  4. From one giant Dork to another, I feel your pain and celebrate your success!   This is such a powerful post that allows others to realize what you see may not be a true representation of what is going on behind the scenes, and that we should all keep putting ourself out there.   And I think it is so important to be reminded of this often, as it may get easier, but it never really goes away.  Looking forward to sharing a little liquid courage with you soon, my friend : )

    I once wrote about my shyness:

    <<The thing about having a fairly public professional keynote speaker persona, is that no one believes I am shy.  And I don’t mean ‘Oh, isn’t that cute’ shy.  I’m talking hand-shaking-as-I-reach-for-the-entry-door, can’t-swallow-because-my-left-lung-is-squeezed-into-my-throat, I-think-my-hair-is-sweating kind of shy. As soon as Jodi disappears into the swells, I begin to feel the manic shouts of the small but mighty introvert that lives huddled down at the base of my spine.>>

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