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I’send them loveve been on the road a lot lately, schlepping through airports and waiting in lines for taxis, shuttles, rental cars, and hotel check-in. If you travel, whether for business or pleasure, you know the drill. Mind you, this motivational speaker is not complaining (although as Joe Walsh sings, “Sometimes I still do!”) Overall, wish I could say the same about the people around me.

What I’ve encountered recently is a lot of agitated, stressed folks – more so, it seems, than usual. Have you ever noticed that all it takes is just a couple of angst-ridden travelers or a crabby clerk to seemingly infect the whole group? So I’ve been employing a technique that I teach to simply “send them love.” I’m not talking about mushy love or shutting them up with a mouth kiss. Rather, when you personally want to smack someone across the face and say, “Snap out it!” try this instead. Visualize them as a little boy or girl who just needs compassion or kindness. You might be surprised how this shift in your mindset allows you to release your annoyance and actually move a situation in a more positive direction through a smile, kind word or helping hand. We’re all energy, so rather than suck their bad vibes into your body, raise the scene to a level of positivity.  Next time you encounter that overworked customer service rep behind the counter, or a frustrated fellow traveler trying to jam her carry-on into the overhead bin, simply send them love. Trust me, they’ll feel it. Better yet, so will you.


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  1. Awesome advice! And if this doesn't work, I'll resort to smacking. :)

  2. Nice, nice, nice. Fantastic advice! I'm not sure who travels more than motivational speakers – so we CERTAINLY have our share of these experiences. And it DOES work! That is, when I remember to do it – it DOES work!!! Thanks for the fabulous reminder!

  3. Great advice Colette.  Sharing now – I love this.  Anytime we advocate for compassion and kindness I'm all for it.  The more I'm reminded of this, hopefully the more it comes to my mind the next time I'm tempted to do the smacking thing!

  4. Love the "energy" reference!  When I worked in a nutritionist's office I learned the valuable lesson that when someone is irritable it could be because they were physically hurting and in pain.  It was wonderful to see their demeanor change as they healed.  So whenever I want to do the "slap technique" I also give them the benefit of the doubt and consider that their health might be in the trenches.  

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