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Okay, this motivational speaker is aiming today’s message at HERSELF. Perhaps you are the queen of follow up. Well, if you are the queen, I am the dunce – or whatever is as far removed from the queen as you can get. The maid servant? Anyway, you get the point. I am abysmal at following up with people I make contact with on the road. I get home, I’m tired, I’m already getting ready for the next event, and I take that business card and throw it on the pile with the others – continuously moving the pile from time to time, just so I don’t forget they are there.

Remember when I spoke in South Dakota recently? Well, there were LOTS of vendors there – everything from Baresha, to Arbonne, to Reliv, to bling, to wraps, to makeup, to the man selling his children at half price. (Just kidding about the last one – geesh – lighten up!) Anyway….I have received two phone calls and three emails from vendors in South Dakota who are “just following up” – either to ask how my new product is working, or just to tell me they enjoyed meeting me and would love to do business with me one day. Nothing pushy – just a friendly call or email.

And it reminded me how little I follow up – and how much I appreciate that these vendors did. Turns out I was having a problem with one of the products I purchased – thanks to the phone call we worked it out. Turns out I ordered the wrong thing from another vendor – thanks to the email we worked it out. Turns out I just might get a mud mask after all – thanks to the nice email from the ladies in the facial booth.

Today’s lesson – or rather reminder to myself – is not to lose sight in the value of the follow up. I can’t remember the last time someone from a vendor booth called me to follow up. Which tells me that few people are doing it. Which tells me that following up with a personal phone call or email is one way you can stand up and stick out in a crowded market.

So now it’s time for you to go – and dig into that stack of business cards that are collecting dust on your desk.


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  1. Motivational speakers have as much, if not more, reason to follow up as any profession. Motivational speakers routinely have jobs that they can’t accept because they are already booked somewhere else. How about a call shortly after the event to inquire about the speaker for next year? Hmm… didn’t that meeting planner (for the conference where you just spoke) mention another organization she’s a member of that she would love to forward your name? The audience member who gushed over your speech – they’re on the board of what national association? Do I need to beat this up?

  2. You are so right, Bill and Kelly. Motivational speakers get TONS of opportunities to follow up and oh, how easy it is to forget, ignore, cover my ears and RUN to the next “obligation.”  Okay. You’ve inspired me.  Where’s that box of business cards that I have collected over the years…

  3. This motivational speaker is guilty as charged. But at least my cards are off the desk and in a contact management program that reminds me to follow up! And yet, taking the time to make it happen consistently is still an issue. Let’s follow up on this.

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