Flying Eyebrows

As a motivational speaker who specializes in communication, it is REALLY important for me to observe human beings in communication.  And something happened recently that made me stop and think.

My son Miles and I were having lunch the other day when a mutual friend (whom he hadn’t seen in several months) stopped by the table to say hi.  After she left, Miles commented that he didn’t think she particularly liked him.  Since I knew that she actually liked him a lot, I quizzed him as to why he thought that.

He said, “Mom, when you see someone, especially someone you haven’t seen in a while, you can tell the instant your eyes meet theirs how they feel about you.  If they LIKE you, they break into a big smile and their eyebrows go flying off the top of their head.”

I thought about that for a moment and then I realized – he’s absolutely RIGHT! How many times do we feel uncomfortable when we encounter someone who shows NOTHING on their face that indicates they are pleased to see us?  And not only do we feel uncomfortable, we don’t particularly like that person either. It’s not that we’re thinking, “I don’t like you because you don’t appear to like me.”  We just think, “What a rude person.”

So here’s your assignment:  For the next full week consciously make your eyebrows fly up – not only when you run into someone you haven’t seen in a while, but also with people you see every day!  People at home and at work.  Eyebrows UP! Smile! Call them by name and say, “hi!”

If you haven’t done this very often in the past, you might get some interesting reactions.  Don’t let this deter you.  Just do it and observe.  You WILL notice some positive responses.  Some people may look back at you quizzically and, after a pause say…”What?”  If they do – simply reply, “Oh nothing. I’m just glad to see you.”

Hey. I just thought of something. Can people who’ve had Botox do this?

From your “High-Browed” Motivational Speaker, Linda Larsen



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  1. I wonder, Linda, if your son has learned that flying eyebrows mean someone is excited to see you, because he grew up with you as his mom. You have the gift of making people feel ultra special. You show your eagerness and happiness all over your face. And in effect you teach people to do the same.  So your son has learned to show people how much he likes them by the flying eyebrows. Just wondering out loud. I’ve seen many people in my audiences who have absolutely no facial expression at all – even a pained look – and then come up and tell me how much they laughed and loved it.  So I am going to humbly suggest that flying eyebrows isn’t  necessarily a reaction to how we really feel about someone. 

    But it’s still good advice you are giving, and what makes you such an awesome motivational speaker. It’s the ability to let our face show our feelings to the receiver.  Shoot. I draw my eyebrows on. I should make them fly all the time – then everybody would feel special.

    • Oh yes, I agree, Kelly.  Because they DON’T show me anything in their faces doesn’t mean they DON’T like me.   I (and clearly you) understand the importance of taking full responsibility as the RECEIVER of the message and placing a more positive meaning on what we are seeing.  My hope is that people reading my blog might see the importance of also taking full responsibility as the SENDER of the message, understanding that many people might interpret their blank face to mean something negative.  Well, that’s my hope anyway! :)

  2. You two motivational speakers crack me up. Flying eyebrows! Your article reminds me of that quote from Maya Angelou, “All a child wants to see is your face light up when he walks in the room.”

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