Floss Your Way To Health, Says the ADA

Chia-seeds-in-teethAs the mother of two twenty-something boys, I no longer have control of their dental health (and oh so many other things!). We all know that we should brush after every meal and floss daily so that we can keep all our teeth in our head for as long as possible but a recent article written by the American Dental Association alerts us to the connection of our dental and gum health, sugar consumption and how it has a direct effect on the health of the rest of our body!

"People who consume more sweets and soda have a higher risk of periodontal disease, which is linked to chronic inflammation, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes." They also point out that ongoing inflammation from periodontitis is linked with heart disease, blocked arteries and stroke.

It's not just cavaties we're worried about anymore.  If there's inflammation in one part of the body, there's inflammation in every part of the body because we are one whole organism, we're not made up of disconnected parts.

During this season of indulgences we need to be keenly aware that brushing, flossing, eating whole, fibrous foods and exercising are the habits we need to get us through to the New Year and beyond!

Still, Steve and Sam are going to unwrap yet another package of floss from Santa in their stockings this year :)

Health is Happiness!




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  1. Oh I have become a HUGE flosser of later! Brusher, flosser and waterpicker. (Wait, is that right?) Anyway, it really, really REALLY does make a difference! And thanks for the message that I am on the right track – for some great reasons!

  2. I'm a HUGE flosser too. No choice as my teeth seem to be velcro and want to grab every peppercorn and spinich leaf I eat! Glad to know my efforts are worth the time, Polly.

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