Finding The Group Who Needs Your Story

This is a fascinating blog post by Seth Godin. And it should make all motivational speakers ask themselves these important questions. It has inspired me and Bill to sit down and really think about our specific tribe, instead of appealing to the masses. Hope it helps you as much as it helped me!


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  1. Whoa. Now THAT'S provocative. How beautifully specific are his questions, too. I know I have very often been guilty of trying to be all things to all people.  I've justified it by saying, "Well, ANYONE can benefit from my message!"  Well, maybe. But how much more effective would it be if it had a narrower target such that I could speak THEIR language and address THEIR pain and THEIR specific objections.  Oh geez.  Now I have to go back to my drawing board for a while.  

  2. Tell me about it! This one threw us back to the beginning again. I have been the QUEEN of selling to the masses. We're motivational speakers – who doesn't need that? Now I'm doing some serious thinking about who my message is really for.  Problem is, I keep coming back to the issue they're facing, rather than who they are. 

  3. I love the last part where he says: 

    No fair changing the answers to the questions to match the thing you've already made (you can change the desired audience, but you can't change the truth of what they want and believe).

    This is a compelling topic for all motivational speakers – at least the ones that want to continure to grow their business!

  4. Wow, what an important list!  At first glance it would be hard to answer all of those questions but even half of them would help clear a path for my message.  I like the tribe reference.

  5. Darn that Seth's good advice! He always speaks the truth and makes me see mine more clearly which usually means changing.

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