Finding More Time When There Is None

Time BalanceThe ability to manage your time effectively is one of the key ingredients in getting the life and the business you want.

As a motivational speaker, I have so many projects it would boggle your mind – all of them spinning at once. And it's not just motivational speakers who are busy, it's most people. Time management is an issue for most of my clients. It seems that I get everything running smoothly and WHAM, I'm faced with another project. 

For example, one project was finding a healthier version of me. So finding the time to move all of this on a daily basis has been a struggle. And just when I worked that out (excuse the pun) I hit another project idea. I decide I want to record all my stories. All of them. There's a lot.  It's a BIG project. And, of course, I want it done yesterday.

So here's what always happens. I walk around with this cloud over my head that says "Record Your Stories" in big flashing letters. It's beside the one that says "Do Your Taxes" and "Clean Out That Basement Closet."  End every day I look up and see it, and every day I have a mountain of stuff to do, and that poor project gets stuck up there.

And then it happened.

I got a brilliant idea. It doesn't happen often, which is why I had to go lie down afterwards.

I decided that instead of seeing my project as this one massive thing, I would see it in tiny bits. Little by litte. Inch by inch. I don't need to record a hundred stories. I need to record one. Already I could breathe. And suddenly recording one story didn't sound so bad.

But I was still faced with the issue of having no time. So I looked at my already crammed schedule and found a place where I was doing something but not really doing something, if you know what I mean. For example, riding in the car, sitting in the car, driving the car. And I realized that my schedule would not be impacted that much if every time I returned home, I turned off the car, pulled out my cell phone, and recorded a story. 

Brilliant. I know. But how would I remember?

I made a little stickie note and taped it inside my car where I see it every time I turn off my car. Now, every time I pull into my driveway and turn off the car, I see the note, pull out my cell phone and record a story. Then I email it to myself (remember my blog on creating processes) and when I get to my computer and see the email, I save the recording on my computer and in my cloud as a backup. And I'm done. That easy. And the rest of my schedule was not affected.

Now I'm realizing that when I workout, I'm also doing something without really doing something. Wouldn't that be a good time to memorize a story, or plan the opening of my speech, or maybe even listen to some good Gospel music and fill my soul? I tried this today and I was having so much fun jamming to "I'll Fly Away" that I didn't want to stop working out. That's HUGE for me. 

So there you go. That's my tip for finding more time when there is none. It's easier said than done. Now it's up to you to make it happen. Just remember:

Little by little. Inch by inch. Instead of seeing that project in one big mass – see it as just one tiny step.

Guess I'd better look at that tax bubble now.



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  1. Fantastic, Kelly!!! I LOVE this! And I think I'm going to do that car thing. Very very good one. Thank you!

  2. Thank you Kelly -these are great thoughts on something we can ALL relate to!

  3. Ooooh, love this huge idea!  Or rather this little by little idea.  

    I am a Maximizer so I also see projects as OVERWHELMING giant baloons – and when I fall behind – which is often – the balloon grows so big it seems unacheivable.   So… here I go… little by little.  And the simple act of accomplishing a little will, I suspect, help power me toward reaching a bigger goal!   Thank you for the breath of air!!!

  4. Oh… and ps… the graphic!  Brilliant. And took me back to a time of small boy goals that were really good to accomplish : ) 

  5. Yes, Kelly, yes!  I don't apply this technique enough and I don't know why because when I do it really works. Instead of sticky notes, however, I'm looking at my dry erase board that has a list of 10 reminders on it and realize that I can erase 4 of them because they're done!  Sticky notes would fit a litle easier in my car so thanks for that tip as well :)

  6. Wonderful reminder that everything can be accomplished little by little, step by step. Thank you for reminding me of the cool tool on my phone to capture a moment. You're going to be in your car for yearssssssssssssss with all the incredible stories you must record!

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