Far From The Truth

lies travel quicklyYik Yak, a free, self-described “anonymous gossip app” was launched last year, initially aimed at college students. However, it has since caught on with high schoolers and even younger kids. Just like Twitter, users can post brief blurbs, or “yaks.” The app is location-based, so the yaks a user sees are those within a specific geographical radius.

As a strong believer in healing through healthy conversation, I find this app is anything but healthy. Rather, it’s simply another opportunity for people who are afraid to say what needs to be said directly to the individual to throw another under the bus.

The app has become a platform for spreading gossip, lies and general bullying. The community of yakkers can “upvote” or “downvote” a yak, and if enough downvotes are cast, the yak will disappear. But the damage has already been done.  As Mark Twain famously stated, “A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.”

Before any of us say or post anything on any social media platform, it would be wise to stop and ask ourselves, “Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind?” That quote, by the way, is often misattributed to the Buddha, yet another example of the power of social media – and the internet in general – in spreading inaccuracies. Those three powerful questions are actually the title of a poem by Mary Ann Pietzker, published in 1872, once again proving, as wonderful as new technology can be, sage advice never grows old.

So rather than anonymously post your opinions, better to speak your truth. Have a real, one-on-one conversation with the source. It’s the only way you really will get closer to not just your truth, but theirs as well.



Step into the Truth Booth, improve your life, and laugh along the way with funny motivational speaker Colette Carlson. How did she go from emotional coward and the Pizza Delivery’s favorite customer to #1 sales producer for sales legend Tom Hopkins and Brian Tracy, featured in Success Magazine, a 50 lb. weight loss, and inspiring audiences at Microsoft, Accenture, Pepsi, Boeing, and organizations worldwide? Visit her at http://www.ColetteCarlson.com or call 760-230-1212.

Colette founded Speak Your Truth, Inc. to share her success systems and inspire others to Think It! Speak It! Live It! Her tools and takeaways create authentic, long-lasting change in every aspect of your life. With a MA in human behavior, a successful business and 2 teenage daughters, Colette provides a unique combination of education, research, real-life experience, and heartfelt humor to motivate you with her high content programs. Improve your Communication Skills, Work-Life Balance, Sales, Leadership, Assertiveness, Negotiation…all wrapped in the genuine power of Speaking Your Truth.

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  1. Thanks Colette – and yet one more reason I'm grateful I am not growing up in the age of social media. If they had this app when I was a kid, I'd be even more crazy about conflict and social stressful situations!

  2. Thank you Colette, for speaking your truth and doing your part to change the world. It's a great reminder to me that when we focus on the weaknesses (true or not) in others, we rob ourselves of joy and the joy of others. And that's not the person I want to be. 

  3. Sing it, sister! As a motivational speaker on communication, you are singing my mantra. I strongly believe that the clearest, surest, cleanest path to a happy (healthy) life is to communicate honestly and with kindness. I see so many people either blast out with disrespect or hold stuff inside. Either way – it's a recipe for disaster.

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