Exit With Grace

Stress-less-speaker-Colette-CarlsonEver been trapped in an awkward conversation with an opinionated person? Of course you have – unless you’re part of a religious order that’s taken a vow of silence. Whether the person enjoys rattling on about politics, religion, office gossip, a favorite sports team, or they’re trying to get you to do something their way, you just can’t seem to avoid the discussion. But you can get out of it with grace with a couple of easy-to-remember lines.

When someone is spouting off, you can simply say, “Hmm. I see it differently.” There’s no need to banter or go into further detail. Then do your best to quickly remove yourself from the situation.

The second technique is from Barbara Walters' book, “How to Talk With Practically Anybody About Practically Anything.” When someone tries to slam their opinion down your throat, say, “You’ve obviously given the matter a lot of thought, and it’s been interesting to hear your views.” Now that’s a classy way to make an exit.


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  1. As soon as I saw this title I couldn't wait to read your advice! This has happened to me too many times and I never knew how to handle it (other than just turning heel and running) so now I have 2 brilliant phrases to use for the exit.  Wait, that's not entirely true. My ex husband and I had soliloquists who lived on either side of us so when one was "caught" the other would come to the rescue with either, "Honey, telephone!"  or "The timer just went off, what do you want me to do?" (Obviously the latter was when I was trapped) .  Feel free to use those too. Thank you so much, Colette!

  2. Oh nice, Colette. I love all of these. I'm kind of partial to the one you use. I hadn't heard Barbara Walter's recommendations but they are also great. I'm putting both of these in my little communication tool box. Thanks!!!

  3. Love it. And so hard for me to do when emotions get involved.  But having a phrase ready will make me less likely to react in a negative way and make the situation worse. Thanks Colette.


  4. This just happened recently to me in a Vegas cab where the driver was not customer-centric. After my silence, she asked what I did for a living.  My answer shut her up immediately. I said "I teach customer service skills to cab drivers and right now I'm secret shopping."

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