Does the Cheesecake Factory Stump You Too?

Funny-Motivational-Speaker-Colette-CarlsonIt’s great to have choices, but when we have too many options, we can sink into “analysis paralysis.” A friend recently mentioned her need to change her health insurance. Why? Apparently, every time she opens her mail she almost has a heart attack due to another increase! She is confused not only by which company to work with, but also by the various coverage and pricing options.  Just trying to read the fine print can open your eyes to the fact you need reading glasses. Off to the optometrist…but only if it’s covered. 

So rather than make a decision and move on, she spent hours and hours researching,  then even more time lamenting her dilemma with friends. Of course, being well-informed is vital, but this type of indecision is simply the decision to fail. She has yet to choose a policy.

This is the very reason why, when I teach sales, I always advise limiting the options offered to two or three tops. That way, people can easily compare and make a decision. Otherwise, human nature being what it is, when confronted with too vast an array of possibilities, we avoid making a choice. I can still remember reading about the “jam study” where 24 jellies were displayed in an upscale grocery store. Seven times more people went up to that table, but 10 times as many people made a purchase when only 6 jams were displayed. It’s the very reason I can’t eat at the Cheesecake Factory – that menu goes on forever!

Ultimately, decision-making involves not just logical calculations, but emotional processing. Learn to trust your gut and get unstuck.

In other words, trust your truth. There’s power in that. People who trust and speak their truth recognize that taking action on a decision is the only way to uncover their truest talents, passions and desires. Okay, who wants to meet me for lunch?


Step into the Truth Booth, improve your life, and laugh along the way with funny motivational speaker Colette Carlson. How did she go from emotional coward and the Pizza Delivery’s favorite customer to #1 sales producer for sales legend Tom Hopkins and Brian Tracy, featured in Success Magazine, a 50 lb. weight loss, and inspiring audiences at Microsoft, Accenture, Pepsi, Boeing, and organizations worldwide? Visit her at or call 760-230-1212.

Colette founded Speak Your Truth, Inc. to share her success systems and inspire others to Think It! Speak It! Live It! Her tools and takeaways create authentic, long-lasting change in every aspect of your life. With a MA in human behavior, a successful business and 2 teenage daughters, Colette provides a unique combination of education, research, real-life experience, and heartfelt humor to motivate you with her high content programs. Improve your Communication Skills, Work-Life Balance, Sales, Leadership, Assertiveness, Negotiation…all wrapped in the genuine power of Speaking Your Truth.

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  1. So true. So true. I have found this happen over and over when I give my client too many program choices – or putting too much product on the back table – too much to choose from, and they tend to not choose any.

    Thanks for the reminder Colette! Unfortunately there's not a fun solution to the insurance issue. It will get worse. I've spoken at tons of healthcare events and am hearing the behind-closed-doors discussions of what is coming and already happening. It's not pretty.


  2. Ah well, Colette. I hear you. I've seriously narrowed down my topic list on my keynote speeches page on my website. And that was REALLY hard. Sort of like only taking 5 of your 10 kids to the movies! But when it comes to the Cheesecake Factory – well I don't have to choose any more. I get the chicken marsala. Period. Don't even look at the menu. It is amazing. Ahhhhh. I can taste it now…  And don't even get me started on the oreo cheesecake!

  3. More examples of too many choices that clog the mind are buffet tables and discount clothing stores with jam-packed racks. Even if I make a choice I'm always left with the feeling that I missed the best one.  Great reminder of less is more!  

  4. Colette, I went to the Cheesecake Factory with a client for the first time ever, two months ago!  Not only was it overwhelming, it was embarassing that, by the time everyone was ready to order, I was on page 3. So I just ordered what the person before me ordered and was just as happy not to have to make a decision that time.  You are soooo right – Too many options for me is counter-prouctive evey single time.  And Linda, thank you for reminding me I want to streamline my keynote speaker topics even more!

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