Do you Want Fries With That?

Your-Communication-Connection-Speaker-Colette-CarlsonAs someone who worked with sales legends Brian Tracy and Tom Hopkins, I understand the value of up-selling. It also drives me insane when it sounds insincere and overdone.

Let me rant for a moment. When I ask for water in a fine restaurant, I’ve grown accustomed to servers asking, “Would you prefer bottled water?”  I’m comfortable saying “no thank you” rather than share my willingness to drink anything out of a tap north of the border.  But when the endless encouragement arrives to order appetizers, put shrimp in my salad, try a gooey desert, it gets old. It starts to sound smarmy. And it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

I hit my limit yesterday while getting a spa pedicure. Unlike some motivational speakers who are always coiffed, I’m one who can’t stand wasting time on maintenance. My nail color of choice is clear. The chips and growth are less noticeable.

Through Siri I found the only late night nail salon in my turf.  As I settled into the spa chair trying to figure out how to get the remote to knead, rather than pummel, my back, I was asked if I also wanted a manicure. I let this up-sell slide considering the state of my nails. But it didn’t stop. Did I want the callus treatment? Okay, again I understood considering I could scratch glass with my heel. When I complimented the technician on her leg massage, she said, “Would you like longer for a little more money?”  This is when I got a little more turned-off. Just then the gal next to me (getting a French pedicure) was asked, “Do you want a flower too? The flower is really pretty.” No thank you. “How about a little silver line? Very pretty.”

I almost launched into my Sincere Selling course where I encourage attendees to educate clients and offer choices, but avoid up-selling at every turn. Instead I made the choice to simply sit back, enjoy being pummeled and read up on Brad and Jen’s engagement while I impatiently waited for my plain, pretty toes to dry.



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  1. If you are ranting, sister motivational speaker, then rant on! This is one of mine too!!!  And what is it with the nail salons???  Or my gym???  For $10 a month you can work out any time you like!  Okay good, I’m in!  Oh, but for only $10 more a month you can get the “gold special you are the queen of the world” package.  Oh oh!  And you DON’T want to workout without a trainer, so for only $1800 you can have a WHOLE year of Igor as your very own person trainer 3 times a week!   I ended up refinancing my house….

  2. Preach it my motivational speaker sisters!  And while we’re at it – I like how the airline crew gets on the intercom and thanks the top dollar travelers! Like my money was not good enough to warrant thanks!  I wonder if we crash if they’ll stop me at the exit door and say, “Wait! Were you in economy? Back of the line!”

    And, buy the way, Colette, HILARIOUS post. Love the heels that can scratch glass. You crack me up – just like your heels. :) 

  3. It is so annoying isn’t it?  It happened on a cruise – they offer you massage, fat reducing skin treatment, teeth whitening, on and on and on.  I think I was more exhausted and stressed at the end of the massage than at the beginning!  It’s just as bad in fast food joints – I ordered a milkshake and was asked if I wanted a dessert with it.  Yikes!!!! I agree with Kelly too – loved the heels on glass line – so funny!

  4. Now that you mention this, it really peeves me too! Our old dog Elsa isn’t doing so well at the moment and the vet, smelling fear and incompetence on me ended up presenting me with this battery of tests which if I cared (she didn’t actually say it… she didn’t have to) for my dog, I’d run. Not knowing Carrie’s medical background and mistakenly misinterpreting her silence for acquiescence, the vet pushed too hard with one too many options… at which point Carrie, asking a few pointed questions revealed that there really was only one choice to make. 

    Thanks for bringing humor and clarity to  something I’d let get under my skin!

  5. Here’s my experience with this one, Colette:  I was very much in need of a brow reshaping (read: caterpillar crossing) so I settled onto the very comfortable, contoured bed of a reputable Asian Nails salon.  After the master grooming on my brows was done I heard her chirp, “Lip?” Well, alright.  Besides the bed was so comfortable.  By the by, rippp rhymes with lip (ow!).  Soothing tonic applied I again heard her chirp, “Chin?”  She had me.  How could I leave there with shapely brows and smooth upper lip but still sporting my jaunty goatee?  This girl was good at the upsell.  :) 

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