Do You Cry if You Want To?

Funny-Motivational-Speaker-Colette-Carlson“Don’t be a cry baby!” or “If you’re going to cry, I’ll give you something to cry about!” were common phrases many of us heard growing up, this motivational speaker included. My folks were hard working, no-drama individuals who were tough on themselves, but also tough on us when it came to emotional outbursts. So, I learned early to suck it up and control my emotions, but it wasn’t long before my emotions were controlling me. Rather than allow those feelings a voice, I became an emotional eater, which eventually led to a 50 lb. weight gain.

What I had to learn is what research has since proven. Expressing, rather than avoiding, our emotions is how we stay healthy. Sure, talking out your feelings with someone you trust works wonders, but sometimes there is nothing better than having a really good cry. And I mean a REALLY good cry. The type that requires major nose-blowing, a box of Kleenex and leaves you with puffy, plump red eyes. Here’s why: Your body releases toxins along with those pent-up emotions.

Scientists have proven that tears you get while cutting onions are 98% water, but tears that are caused by emotions also contain toxins. We feel better after a good cry because those chemicals and hormones that get stored in our body when we stress come out along with those tears.

So, the next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, experiencing sadness or in pain, let it go and let the tears flow.

Which is why when I parented my own two daughters, I encouraged expression of all their feelings, not just the positive ones. When they were truly hurting, I did my best to express empathy and compassion. But when overly dramatic or whiny, they were left with an audience of one – themselves in the confines of their bedroom. Express away, but I’m not participating. After all, I am my parent’s child.


Step into the Truth Booth, improve your life, and laugh along the way with funny motivational speaker Colette Carlson. How did she go from emotional coward and the Pizza Delivery’s favorite customer to #1 sales producer for sales legend Tom Hopkins and Brian Tracy, featured in Success Magazine, a 50 lb. weight loss, and inspiring audiences at Microsoft, Accenture, Pepsi, Boeing, and organizations worldwide? Visit her at or call 760-230-1212.

Colette founded Speak Your Truth, Inc. to share her success systems and inspire others to Think It! Speak It! Live It! Her tools and takeaways create authentic, long-lasting change in every aspect of your life. With a MA in human behavior, a successful business and 2 teenage daughters, Colette provides a unique combination of education, research, real-life experience, and heartfelt humor to motivate you with her high content programs. Improve your Communication Skills, Work-Life Balance, Sales, Leadership, Assertiveness, Negotiation…all wrapped in the genuine power of Speaking Your Truth.

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  1. Really really REALLY great information, Colette. I used to be a GREAT cryer, but then I went and got all happy. (That danged Weather Muffin.) But then my aging motivational speaker hormones started going all wacky and I'm back to crying again, during times of stress. Crying or eating. 

  2. I am fascinated with the fact that toxins flow with emotional tears but just water with the likes of onions!!  Thank you for touching on a subject that has been pent up in my life for sure.  As a speaker on healthy lifestlye I'm going to tuck this one away for future use – for myself and my audience!

  3. I love to cry – which sounds weird being a comedian and a motivational speaker. But I do. It's healing, it's rejuvenating, and it gives me a chance to be comforted spiritually – to know that there is something bigger out there who shares my pain and who counts every tear. Sometimes I am guilty of trying to "get over it" too quickly. Wallowing in it is not healthy either. But I do think that to everything there is a season – a time to laugh, and a time to cry, and a time to dance. Or something like that. God said it better.

    Thank you Colette for giving us permission to cry.

  4. I had no idea about the toxins being released after an emotional cry vs. crying over onions!  This is great.  And, being the youngest of 7 kids, I heard those messages a lot – especially "I'll give you something to cry over!"  Did all of our parents attend the same parenting class?  This is a great post – and it makes me yearn for my motivational speaker buddies.  I love how when we get together, laughs happen, ideas are generated, and tears flow.  And, it's all healthy!!!  

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