Do You Agree with a Supermodel and Star Athlete’s Advice?

gabrielle_reece-I was enjoying an excerpt from the new book by Gabrielle Reece, former pro volleyball player and supermodel. She had some thoughtful insights on aging gracefully, noting, “I can rock a magazine spread with the help of Photoshop, but I am not the hot-ta-ta boffo babe I once was. I am, like everyone else in the world, getting older.”

But one line from her book, My Foot is Too Big for the Glass Slipper, really resonated because it’s congruent with a message I often share as a motivational speaker: Dare NOT to compare.

“You can’t be better or worse than anyone if you are not competing with or comparing yourself to them,” Reece wrote.

There will always be those younger, smarter, wealthier and healthier than you. On the other hand, there will also be plenty of folks on the other end of the spectrum. But when we give our time and energy to worrying about how we measure up to others, we rob ourselves of joy and contentment. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be our best, but when we let our perception of others influence how we feel about ourselves, we’re treading into dangerous territory. And it starts at a young age. Recently, a friend shared with me about a comment made under a picture that her teen-age daughter had posted on Facebook. Amongst the usual comments like, “You’re so pretty” and “Those shoes are da best,” one girl had commented, “You look amazing…I feel so bad about myself now.”

My heart aches for this girl and so many others like her who judge themselves as falling short of some ideal – an ideal all-too-often created by Photoshop. I should know. After all, my profile pic is Photoshopped! If you could see me this minute, you’d notice the uneven skin tone, extra chin and wrinkles to boot! So the next time you find yourself caught in the trap of looking at another and feeling less than, make a conscious decision — and dare not to compare. Simply be the best you!


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  1. Bingo! Ding Ding Ding! Home Run! You SOOO nailed this one, Colette. And as a motivational speaker on self-esteem I have seen this truth over and over and over again. Heck! I have even been guilty of it! Just wrote about something reeeeeally similar in my post on dealing with aging. It simply isn't easy – and the LAST thing we need to do is compare ourselves to others. So thank you very very much for this post! I'm sharing it immediately!


  2. Amen! You have stepped on one of my biggest rants as a motivational speaker: stop trying to blend in! We live in a world that shouts "the rules" at us. But true joy comes when we ignore the world and be who we were meant to be. 

  3. Oh, thank you Colette, for the reminder to snug into our own skin and get comfy there!  It is so easy to try to find our worth in others' opinions, which will only lead us down someone else's path.  I just love when "cover girls" who are aging gracefully pull back the curtain and share that what we see is often not reality.  My one little way of trying to support young girls as they negotiate this crazy society is to focus on telling them how smart or clever or creative they are, rather than on their appearance.  It's time again to have that same conversation with the woman in the mirror! 

  4. What a fantastic observation, Colette, that for every moment we spend worrying about measuring up to someone else, we rob ourselves of joy and contentment.  Yikes!!  Now that's a new way to look at it and one that I will try to recover with whenever I feel myself slipping down that hole.

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