Do people really assume women leaders sleep their way to the top?

Empowering Women

Wow –

I'm still in shock.  I just read an article about a recent women's leadership conference in Las Vegas. I was at the conference and it was inspiring, motivating, hi-lighting hard work and persistence as keys to success.  

Then, I read the comments: 

"Any company dumb enough to let a woman be in charge deserves what they always end up getting – loss of profits and business"

"just what we need, 
bitchy women in the workplace"

“Plus it helps to sleep with the boss”

I'm saddened and shocked by the people who took the time to read the article (or did they?) and add their negative, not helping anyone comments. Really?  If they were attempting humor, it wasn't funny. If these are really their opinions?  Well, then as leaders, motivational speakers, bloggers, friends, our work is needed more than ever.

I debated about responding myself, and debated even blogging about it. The focus really should be on the amazing talent and effort that went into an incredible event. But, I didn’t want to remain silent while the un-informed voiced their one-sided thoughts.  

Here's to women proving all of these nay-sayers wrong about what our value is in the workplace! Here’s to supporting one another and continuing our efforts around gender equality in the workplace and helping women thrive in a world where there are still some people who just don’t get it.

You can read the article here: Review of MGM's Women's Leadership Conference

From your grateful to be a part of the movement to encourage and inspire women motivational speaker, Marilyn Sherman 



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  1. Wow! Why is it that those narrow-minded, old geezers voice such grossly misinformed opinions?  It's because those narrow-minded old geezers are threatened. We need to squelch their words with our more reasonable ones. Just like you have done, Marilyn. Bravo!

  2. Having the good fortune to be one of the prior motivational speakers at this yearly conference, I remember the take-home value I felt after listening to so many other engaging, encouraging women. These narrow-minded comments by a few reinforce why gender bias is still alive and thriving in the workplace today. And yes, Marilyn, let's stick together and keep growing and going where we need to in order to shift the dynamic.

  3. There will always be people who make blanket statements that define an entire race/gender/faith/culture/lifestyle group in a negative light.  I'm trying to teach my son that racism is when you choose a group of people who share something in common, like skin color or faith, and then "sum them all up" by giving them your own pat definition. I explained to him that being racist, means you are making a judgment about another person based on something like the color of their skin or where they go to church – and by doing that, you are judging a man by that trait, instead of by the content of his character (as MLK so eloquently said it.)  For example, when we say …..people are lazy.  Or …….. people are intolerant. Or ……… just care about making money. Or anytime we use "they" as indicative of a group.  Women are no exception. Yes, there are people who will always sum us up by their own pat definition. But as long as there are strong/beautiful/caring/smart/bold/sensitive/talented/thought leaders out there who happen to be women, then the truth will stand bolder than the racist comment that simply can not hold water.  Nobody can demean us without our permission. And I refuse to give them permission. One a&&hole on a comment thread will not change my ability to impact the world. Period. I actually feel sorry for the one who made the comment. He/she obviously never knew any women like the ones I share this blog with, or that comment would not have been made.  

  4. I read the article, Marilyn, and the comments. And it wasn't just ONE comment, as Kelly thought, it was basically ALL the comments. Of course, there were only 9 of them, but still. And then there was YOURS!!! Rock on! Thank you for putting your voice in to be heard! I'll be putting in mine as well!  The bottom line is that the conversation needs to continue until there is no more conversation. As long as we are talking about this – it needs to be talked about. Thanks for sharing the article!

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