Dandelion Treaty: Development Despite Differences

motivational speaker dandelion treaty


It surprises us as we come upon it.  A dandelion, taller than my knee, past flower and into full seed – or as we say in northern Michigan, “wishies.”  I carefully pluck it and hold it up between us. 

“Make a wish” and we both close our eyes.   “Ok, now blow!”  He is eight and I watch him thrill at forcing every last seed off the stem and into the breeze. 

“What did you wish for?”   Expecting to hear;  a dog, Captain Underpants books, or the Triple Scoop Spectacular at our local ice cream shop.


“Why not?!?”   My motivational speaker mind instantly fills with guilt that I have not properly instilled the joy of wishing or the delight of childhood fancy.

“That’s not really the point, Mom. They are designed for wind to carry the seeds off to areas of more fertile ground so new plants can grow.”

He pauses to watch the wishies floating off.

“It’s kind of like…  science magic.”

And I am reminded once again how every one of us is indescribably individual. 

Beauty is found in so many different places; strokes of paint on canvas, a spoken word expression, or the solution to ax2 + bx + c = 0   ( or in my case, someone else solving ax2 + bx + c = 0 and leaving me to my episode of Project Runway.) 

And sometimes beauty is found in the way the order of nature is perfectly carried out by a tiny feathery parachute.

In this moment I am keenly aware of our vast differences at how we see the world, of how we see beauty.  I may not inherently understand his view, but I do not think any less of him, nor he of me.  This is our Dandelion Treaty.

My wish on this day for us all, is:  When we encounter someone different, hold our view close at heart, yet allow ourselves to breathe deep and accept their beauty…  and trust that they will do the same. 

Do you have the opportunity to encourage a Dandelion Treaty in your workplace?  In your family?  In the grocery store express lane?

As we watch the last of the seeds settle, I squeeze his hand and simply enjoy the moment.  And my wish suddenly becomes that it will never end. 

And of course, the fact that he snuck in the word magic after the word science, makes me secretly believe maybe, just maybe he will grow to see the world just a little bit like his motivational speaker Mom. 


Motivational Speaker Tami Evans shares her energy, passion and humor to create an unforgettable experience for audiences. Recently appearing on The Dr. Oz Show (where she taught him to chair dance) Tami lives her belief that laughter is a vital part of learning. Her entertainment-based content celebrates and motivates participants, engages and empowers employees, creates communication cohesion, boosts confidence and busts stress! To book motivational speaker Tami Evans: 646-479-6686 http://www.TamiEvans.com

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  1. Oh my gosh, Tami. I'm weeping. That was SO beautiful! I can just see that beautiful little boy earnestly blowing that dandelion – while his oh-so positive, dreams-do-come-true motivational speaker mom anticipates his biggest wish. So I'm going out to share the story and ask people to propose their own Dandelion Treaties in the world! Yay you!!!  And WELCOME to our happy little group! You are a fabulous addition!!! 

  2. Sniff. Sniff. This post is so deliciously beatiful that I'm going to keep reading it over and over. What hearwarming brilliant truth and wisdom. I wish you were my mom. But I'm glad you're my friend. And I'm glad that we have you with us on this blog. Your magical way with words will bless many many people to come – and enrich the readers – just like the magical science of your dandelion. Beautiful.

  3. PS  I am assuming that you use this on stage. Yes? You must! It's a keeper. Just wanted you to know in case you didn't give it a second thought, It's really stage-worthy.

  4. Awww…  what a warm welcome hug – Thanks MSR!    And Kelly, I just wrote it yesterday, but after your comment, I will certainly add it to my next motivational keynote!  

  5. Not only did you create a heartfelt, beautiful story that visually and emotionally brought us along, but you make me wish for the days when my own were younger. (Doesn't happen often so speaks volumes, girlfriend!!) The story was so engaging (yes, you must share on the platform), that for a moment I released my neuosis of creating more weeds in the world, and simply floated along and enjoyed the ride. So happy you're sharing your truths on this blog.

  6. What a beautiful, beautiful post Tami!!  Your message has come at a very important time for me at home and at my workplace.  I'm so thrilled to have you and your insights right here with us!!! 

  7. Brilliant!!!  And, welcome to the team!  You are amazing and I love love love this story!

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