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Funny-Motivational-Speaker-Colette-CarlsonWe’ve all seen the T-shirt: Shopping is my Cardio. But for too many of us, we already have too many T-shirts we don’t wear. Don't believe me? Clean your closet before going shopping. It’s the fastest way to realize you don’t need to buy a thing. In fact, you already have too much you aren’t wearing!

And yet I know there are those who will venture out since you can’t resist a trip to the mall where everywhere you look something is on sale. In that case, work the rack but remember the following truth: No item is worth purchasing unless it fits four criteria:  It’s timeless. It flatters. The price is right. You love it! When you find it, it is a gift from the Shopping Goddess. Thank her, make your purchase and leave the store immediately.

If you’ve had a Shopping Goddess experience, tell me more below.




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  1. Hmmmm. Wish I'd read your blog BEFORE I went to the mall this morning.  But the good news is that the item(s) I bought meet the criteria!  Yay me!   And Yay YOU for the timely and valid reminder!  

  2. This blog post is so good for me, Colette! My husband buys what he needs – I need what I buy. And you are right, cleaning out the closet is a great idea, because it reminds me of all the things I've bought that I never wear. I've also started asking myself, while holding up that scarf I think I have to have, if I bought one like this that I never wore? Often I will realize that there is another new scarf sitting at home in a different color that I have yet to wear. And until I wear that, I don't need to be buying another one. That usually works for me.  Unless it's got bling on it, and then I buy three.

  3. PS  I'm also challenging myself in 2013 NOT to buy any item of clothing, but to really make use of the pieces I have – to get creative, and not assume that what I have is old and boring – to train myself to put things together in new ways. I'm excited.

  4. I am so frugal that my one criteria is the "love it" thing.  I'm such a closet cleanser, unlike my husband, that I really am in need of more timeless pieces.  Linda, I'm suprised I didn't barge in on you while you were in a dressing room because I was enjoying the day-after super sales in the morning also!  You all will probably see some of the loot in another week.  I feel good that I'm on track with your very wise shopping laws, Colette!


  5. Looking forward to seeing your choices in Vegas Polly! The "it flatters" is what's keeping most items off my buying list. Too many holiday goodies.

  6. I wish I had read this before my recent shopping spree too.  I've started experimenting with things that I never would have before – I'm really getting out of my comfort zone (skinny jean and boots, really?).  Since I speak on the topic, can I rationalize this as a business expense???

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