Cicada – yada yada

Tami Evans, Cicada yada yada

Do you live in a Cicada region?  This is not a question you need to think about.  If you have to do research, the answer is no.   

If you do live in a Cicada region (along the East and Southern coasts of the US) you are currently WELL aware of the air filled with swooping swirling insects the size of humming birds, bug shells over every inch of sidewalk, and the loudest collective vibrating HUMMMMMM you have ever heard.    Those of us who share our neighborhoods with these curious creatures are treated to watching the emergence and reinvention of a species who live underground for 17 years, come out to quickly change from larvae to winged insect and then sing and mate (like crazy) for about two weeks, before they lay eggs and are gone. 

As I duck and weave to avoid stepping on or being landed upon, I am struck by the thought of waiting 17 years to emerge and reinvent.   I mean, 17 YEARS!  Sheesh.  Every Tuesday as I sit in my Weight Watchers meeting I am unbelievably grateful that I can emerge and reinvent every week if I want the scale to bear different results.  (You know what really enjoys emerging during those meetings?  My muffin-top.  *sigh*)

We actually have the luxury to emerge and reinvent every single moment!  I practiced this gift recently as I found myself over-the-top frustrated with a logistics conversation.  I had a LOT to accomplish that day on my keynote speaker checklist, and I realized the details and annoyance of that conversation were controlling my thoughts.  I quickly changed into my running gear and went to sweat it out.  While we are not always able to stop our day for a full-blown workout – we CAN make a break for the parking lot, sidewalk, or city streets for a quick reinvention ramble.  15 minutes of physical activity away from the source of frustration can do wonders for the rest of your day. 

As I sit here listening to the Cicada Song that will not fill the trees for another 17 years, I am going to use every chance I have to emerge and reinvent.   How about you?



Motivational Speaker Tami Evans shares her energy, passion and humor to create an unforgettable experience for audiences. Recently appearing on The Dr. Oz Show (where she taught him to chair dance) Tami lives her belief that laughter is a vital part of learning. Her entertainment-based content celebrates and motivates participants, engages and empowers employees, creates communication cohesion, boosts confidence and busts stress! To book motivational speaker Tami Evans: 646-479-6686

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  1. Leave it to YOU, oh motivational speaker extraordinaire, to find a deeper meaning in a bunch of screaming cicada! Cicadae? Insects.  I LOVE this Tami. It is a brilliant reminder that the time to change the path we are on (if we don't like where we are headed) is right now. And as I look down at MY emerging muffin top (thank you for THAT lovely image!) I tell myself that I can indeed do a reinvention-intervention right now to turn things around. Thanks, Tami!!!

  2. P.S. And that is one SCARY bug.**** Shudder****

  3. Boy do I not miss those cicadas, and I'm glad I didn't miss this post! I can benefit from a reinvention intervention right now. Thanks for the inspiration to get changing.

  4. Yes. Awesome post. It's taken me a long time to hatch, and I'm still not quite there yet. But I'm starting to think that it's not about that moment when we finally emerge, it's about these moments where we struggle through the process. I've heard it said that life is what happens while you're busy making plans. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. Boy, there IS a blog all around us if we look at it with "blogger's eyes", isn't there Tami!!  Love, love, love the comparison of the 17 years underground for the Cicada and the Every-Moment-of- Every-Day for us Endoskeletons!  And YAY for you for getting out and moving to change your outlook on the source of your frustration!  Let's all remember this one girls!!!

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