Children’s Sweet Truth on YouTube Makes Me Ask, What’s Yours?

Cheerios commercial pic-croppedBy now you’ve likely heard about the controversy surrounding the Cheerios commercial featuring an interracial family. Believe it or not, some people in America today found the ad offensive because of its portrayal of a mixed-race family. But there is hope, and it comes “out of the mouths of babes.” A YouTube video released last month shows the commercial and features a group of children responding to it and reacting to the ensuing controversy.

The kids’ wisdom and insight fills me with optimism for our future as they verbalize their truth with passion and sincerity. I’m awed. Maybe it’s time for the grown-ups who are offended by interracial relationships to look at their own beliefs and what shaped them. Is it their truth or are they merely spewing the same intolerance they were taught as children? As for the rest of us, why not shine a spotlight on various beliefs we may be clinging to that are no longer reflective of our truth? Just think of the possibilities if all of us made one small shift towards acceptance of others. What a sweet thought.  



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  1. What a beautiful beautiful video. I'm so glad I took a moment to watch it. And such truth coming out of the mouths of babes. I can see my son sitting there saying the same things. He would have no idea that anybody could find fault in that commercial either.  On hand I was very angry at "society" – that there could be those who would spew such hate. On the other hand, I was very proud of "society" – that despite it all, we are raising children like this. And it's parents who raised children like this.  Well done parents. We do change lives one person at a time. The answer is not in shutting down YouTube or shutting down free speech. We value the right to speak your mind no matter how stupid it is. We can only ignore them, stand up for truth, and focus on our own character and bringing out the good in us and others.

  2. Yes! Bravo to the parents who stopped the judgement and embraced acceptance.

  3. Thanks so much for posting this, Colette. And I had the most delicious set of mixed emotions. One thing that really stood out for me was that there were over 6 MILLION views on this video! And THAT means that this whole conversation is coming to lots and lots of people – hopefully making them think. I really loved this video.  

  4. Oh wow, what an insightful video!  I am extremely hopeful that our children's future holds a majority of unbias.  I keep company with a lot of 20-somethings and they are all of a like unbiased mindset. I hereby recommit to following all of our fabulous motivational speaker posts'  advice so that I can live to see a day…

  5. I actually was shocked by all the controversy surrounding the original commercial.  I think they decided to pull it, right?  So sad.  Yes, kids are great at speaking their truth, arn't they?  

  6. HUGE-ungous Thank You, Colette for posting this and for asking readers to evaluate their own truth and values.  If we all took one step toward tolerance we could ALL meet in the middle for a group hug!  Sending you a virtual one right now!  

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