Celebrate International Woman’s Day all Year…with Less Housework

As a motivational speaker I’m well aware that this is International Woman’s Day and there is much to celebrate. Then I went and read a study in Forbes on women’s high standards getting in the way of their happiness that got this recovering perfectionist noodling….. Read more.


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Colette founded Speak Your Truth, Inc. to share her success systems and inspire others to Think It! Speak It! Live It! Her tools and takeaways create authentic, long-lasting change in every aspect of your life. With a MA in human behavior, a successful business and 2 teenage daughters, Colette provides a unique combination of education, research, real-life experience, and heartfelt humor to motivate you with her high content programs. Improve your Communication Skills, Work-Life Balance, Sales, Leadership, Assertiveness, Negotiation…all wrapped in the genuine power of Speaking Your Truth.

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  1. Wow! GREAT reminder Colette!  I think that even though I’m supposed to KNOW this stuff (don’t ALL motivational speakers know this???) like everyone else on the planet I need to be reminded.  Oh how fortunate I am!  And thank you for reminding me of that!

  2. Well said Colette. Well said. So nice to hear that we don’t have to do things like our mother did. Life is short. I choose to let the dust bunnies go.

  3. It’s not just the perfectionists who drive themselves too hard, Colette!  I am definitely not a perfectionist (you should see the dust bunnies) but to quote Spiderman’s Aunt; “You do too much!”  But that’s another blog for one of us wonderful motivational speakers! 

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