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Running Low On Joy? 3 Tips To Fill Back Up

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Why Dumb Ideas Are Often Smart

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Why It Pays To Sometimes Say YES

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The Key To Making More Money As A Motivational Speaker

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When A Competitor Copies Your Stuff

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Join Us At The Virtual Laugh Bar

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Motivational Speaker And Actor On How to Sound Spontaneous

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Simple Words to Useā€¦for When There Are No Words

A good friend has just gotten the news no one wants to hear: her test results show cancer. She tells you her diagnosis over the phone, and instantly … [Read more...]

Happy! Happy! Happy!

His name is Lyman Graham and he is a Food Services Director in New Mexico. He is in charge of making certain that the kids in New Mexico schools get … [Read more...]

How to Find Possibilities Right In Your Own Home

In her acceptance speech, 2015 Tony Award winner, Lisa Kron, told us about a dream she had. And when I heard what she said every bell in my … [Read more...]