Aww Mom, Wheatballs Again??

True story.  My courtship with the man I married started at about the same time that I took a vegetarian cooking class.  This was back in … [Read more...]

The Man’s Diet Plan…That Works

 That's it.  That's all I'm posting.  Just thought you all would like to look at this.  Have a look. OK, now … [Read more...]

My NEW New York State of Mind

I recently had the great pleasure of visiting a fabulous friend in New York City.  What was so neat about this visit was that I lived those … [Read more...]

Oh No! I’ve Been Boo’d!

Last year at this time, I answered an Ask Colette about the angst associated with the Halloween tradition of being “boo’d.” I say … [Read more...]

You Know You’re Settling In When…

To become a funny motivational speaker, one has to look at the world through goofy glasses.  When we do this we get lots of material that can be … [Read more...]

Funny Faces In The Business of Professional Speaking

Working in the business of funny motivational speakers, I get the awesome privilege of meeting some of the greats in the business. Today I want you to … [Read more...]

Funny You Should Ask

Ask a woman what qualities she looks for in a mate, and invariably one of the top answers is “sense of humor.” To which I always think, … [Read more...]

What Women Could Do With Just Two More Inches

I recently read another “how to pack your suitcase” type article, which I’m always interested in because, as a motivational speaker … [Read more...]

What the HONK?

  I’m about half way through my run, which means I am so deep in thought I’m only mildly aware of my surroundings.  I … [Read more...]

Private Viewing

Pssst.  Can you keep a secret?   I have a little confession to make.  Sometimes, in the afternoon…  I like to … [Read more...]