Time to Stop Confusing NICE with LIKABLE

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Why I wore a chicken costume at work

   The best way I could think of to show the folks at my new job how honored I am to work with them was to, er, wear a chicken costume to … [Read more...]

Absolutely, Positively Cannot Trust

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Peace or Piece?

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Serving Sarcasm This Season?

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Team Building With Soul – Celebrating Your Puddle-Jumpers!

Babies are made for cuddling, four-year-old boys are made for mud puddles, and moms-of-a-certain-age are made for shoe sales.  These things are … [Read more...]

One Question That Could Help You Get More Business

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Vulnerability Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Oh how I love my girlfriends. And yes, the two I refer to here are both professional motivational speakers, so you KNOW they are fun, funny, high … [Read more...]

Beware of Faux-thenticity

You have heard or read it somewhere by now…  Be real.  Let your True Self show.  And the ubiquitous, Be Authentic! This … [Read more...]

Spurned Return

Three people stood twitching and harrumphing in front of me, clutching the items they had just shimmied in and out of.  And every one had the … [Read more...]