Building a Bridge and Getting Over It

Just last week, I posted a comment on Facebook about how annoyed I had become about the barrage of emails I get from unsolicited programs, companies and organizations. I then went on to bitch about how annoying it is to try to unsubscribe from these lists only to receive yet another email letting you know that you have just unsubscribed. The comments to this post started to pour in with 99% of them agreeing with me — we all deal with these kind of problems, right? Well, it was that one comment — the other 1% — that gave me a harsh, yet inspiring, reality check. This post simply shared the following video…



As a motivational speaker, I empower people to intervene in real problems such as bullying, hazing, drug and alcohol abuse, sexual violence and discrimination.  I personally know about real problems and have made it my mission to eradicate them. However, this video shows me that I, like most of us, find myself focusing on my own petty problems like too many emails, travel delays, and the barista at Starbucks getting my name wrong. 

The more I focus on these small problems, the less I am able to be aware and awake to the real problems I am out to eradicate in this world. The more I focus on me, the less I am able to focus on supporting others and keeping them safe, protected, and cared for. The more I focus on my own petty annoyances, the less I am able to tap into my own moral compass and gut instinct to take necessary action for others and be an everyday hero.

This video has made an indelible impression on my mind and helped me change my perspective. I distinctly remember several times the last couple of days where I was on the edge of getting really annoyed by something, then I remembered the message of this video. I stopped. I thought. Then, I intervened in my own petty problems in honor of what I am really out to cause in this world. 

Will you join with me in focusing on the real problems we have in our society? If so, please take the Every|Day Hero pledge. I will support you in fulfilling this pledge in your life by going beyond being a bystander and equipped to take action for someone in a moment of need.

Let's build a bridge and get over it…together.


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  1. Mike, that video is hilarious — as well as convicting. Most of the things I gripe about are pretty minor in the scope of things. As I'm spitting and cursing over life's minor annoyances I sometimes forget about the genuine 'life and death' struggles faced by billions daily, and your post is a good reminder of the relative ease in which I live.

    That said, even some of our first world problems warrant our attention. I'm not going to worry if the next smartphone fits in my skinny jeans, but spam email (your original complaint) does cost me valuable time. This is a real cost in terms of time, and ultimately money.

    Thanks looking at the big picture, motivational speaker style, and reminding me about my blessings.

  2. Wow. "Shut the full cup."  Brilliant. Love this video. And I am ashamed to admit how many times someone needed to hand me a straw and say "suck it up."  Now this video has impacted me too. I read a quote one time from someobody who said something like you are only as good as your worst enemy.  I'm getting it wrong, but the point stuck with me – that the more trivial my enemy, the more trivial is me. Or something like that. Your video says it better. So happy to have you in our family of motivating speakers who are truly seeking to change the world.

  3. Wow, Mike, this is powerful. I LOVE things that will help me SEE the message as clearly as this does. Thank you so much for sharing it and for the reminder that I. Have. It. SO. Good.

  4. Way to upload a video Mike!  And a great video at that.  Everytime I hear myself griping at whatever inconvenience is in my way I will remind myself to look at the bigger picture.  Thanks for reminding me that the more I focus on me the less I am able to focus on supporting others.  Wow!

  5. Ditto. Ditto. I remember seeing an Oprah once about a woman who walked miles carrying a bucket of water on her head for her family's use. I can no longer let water just run while I wash my face, brush my teeth or the like. What's my point? This video rocks! And so does your message. We are blessed.

  6. Ditto to what the others have said – especially "Shut the full cup!"  I love this kind of humor.  You know, a funny way of holding up a mirror so we can see ourselves and hopefully wake up.  Just this week I was at Hard Rock Cafe for dinner and the waiter didn't hear me say no ice in my water. HE KEPT SERVING ME WATER WITH ICE!!!!  Wow, now I need to shut the full cup!  Thanks for the lesson, reminder, inspiration…and welcome to the team!

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