Beware of well fed birds

So I’m thoroughly enjoying driving along in my new car; the sun-roof wide open, the sky as blue as blue can be, the golden orb in the sky shining down on me… the bird poop splattering as it smacked against body parts and any exposed pieces of my fine, new automobile it could find. Being a former safari guide, I quickly deduced that it was indeed a very large and a very well fed bird that had just bombed me.

As I tried to decide how peeved I should be, I noticed a car wash. As I pulled into it, the kid in charge came up to my window and before noticing what had just happened to me “Nice ride man! You sure are lucky to have a sun-roof on a day like this…”


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  1. Paul – I feel your pain!  But I love the way you write and find the positive in your situations.  Of course, I’m thinking the carwash folks spend their mornings feeding birds massive amounts of food!

  2. As the car wash kid shows, it’s all poopspective.

  3. Ha ha ha!!  GREAT experience, Paul!  A fabulous reminder that we WILL encounter the exact right experiences in life to teach us EXACTLY what we need to learn – IF we are open to learning them.  Or – the sun roof is open.  

  4. Too funny Paul! I once went through the car wash with my sun roof still open! I got drenched and covered in colored suds. My son, however, thought it was most entertaining!

    But not as entertaining as your bird story. It’s all fun and games ’til a bird poops in your car. 

  5. Aww, man!  I have a firm belief that we each get 2 bird shats per lifetime.  Either you’re done or you only have one more to go.  Don’t let the birds win, keep enjoying beautiful sunny days!

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