Beautiful woman causes a mini-family reunion!

IMG_4584Don't you just love magical moments of unexpected connections with people? This happened to me at the Southwest Airlines curbside check-in where no less than 5 guys waiting for customers all noticed this beautiful woman at the same time. It was like a crowd at a tennis match in slow motion as all the heads turned at the same time, watching a young women walk by.  Now, full disclosure, this tall 20 – something was striking – that and she was probably a double D with no bra on. I saw her too then looked back at the guys who were rendered speechless! So, I chose to speak up. I said something like, 'Wow! Look at you guys! You are all so busted – even you!'. I pointed to the guy next to me who looked at me with surprise, then recognition. Before saying anything back to me, he looked at my ticket and then said, "I'm related to you."  He told me his name and it was true. He is my long lost cousin who I had not seen in probably 18 years.  We immediately embraced, laughed, and then called my mom so she could say hi to her nephew! We exchanged current phone numbers and I went off to my flight.  It was such a great feeling because I never knew how to get ahold of my cousin and then I stopped trying. 

Once I went through security, I shared the story with the woman who had caused such a commotion. I told her that her beauty caused a family reunion! Her mom that was traveling with her laughed saying she normally gets negative reactions so this was good! 

This whole situation make me think of how many people we just walk by and don't realize that we know them or that we are even related to them.  It also reminds me to try harder to stay in touch with my extended family!

From your happy to be connected motivational speaker, Marilyn Sherman


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  1. This is wonderful and hilarious, Marilyn! I love that speaking your truth connected you to a long-lost relative to boot!

  2. How cool is that! Running into a long lost cousin at the airport! Wonderful story Marilyn!

  3. How fun! What a lovely, timely, happy coincidence! Makes me want to hang out in airports more! Oh, wait. I do.

  4. No kidding??  Wow, what a wonderful serendipitous moment that you created by being beautifully bold with your comment!  

  5. This is so great Marilyn!  But the real reason this happened is because you are a motivational speaker with hutzpa and fabulous social skills.  So great to make the moment special and fun by connecting to the on-lookers : )

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