Embarrassing Moment? Find the Funny!

At a recent keynote, I broke a rule that every speaker learns in Speaker 101. It would be so easy to pretend it didn't happen and … [Read more...]

Plan Tomorrow, Today

Today in Northern New Jersey in the middle of winter it is 53 degrees.  It feels like spring and the snow is nearly melted away.  Tomorrow … [Read more...]

Pace your Positive Change

Welcome to the New Year!   Have you set some goals?  Decided to incorporate positive changes?  Congratulations, you have … [Read more...]

Team Building With Soul – Celebrating Your Puddle-Jumpers!

Babies are made for cuddling, four-year-old boys are made for mud puddles, and moms-of-a-certain-age are made for shoe sales.  These things are … [Read more...]

Ready… Set… No

It is a gift from one of my best friends.  She who knows my habit of over-volunteering myself to dangerous levels.  She who … [Read more...]

Beware of Faux-thenticity

You have heard or read it somewhere by now…  Be real.  Let your True Self show.  And the ubiquitous, Be Authentic! This … [Read more...]

Spurned Return

Three people stood twitching and harrumphing in front of me, clutching the items they had just shimmied in and out of.  And every one had the … [Read more...]

Left… Left… Left, right, left!

One by one the group stood and shared their life story.  It was a day-long team building workshop for a client in Chicago, and without exception … [Read more...]

Garment Rack-et

  He stood before me pleading for help.  He looked just a few years older than I was at the time, and truly frightened.  … [Read more...]

What the HONK?

  I’m about half way through my run, which means I am so deep in thought I’m only mildly aware of my surroundings.  I … [Read more...]