Are You Wasting Your Freedom?


On a recent trip to Washington DC, I made it a point to visit the National Mall, specifically to visit the memorials. Seeing the reflection of a Korean War veteran as he observed the Korean War Veterans Memorial wall moved me to tears. As I turned to gain composure, my eyes caught the wall behind me that stated, “Freedom Isn’t Free.”

With a father who was a prisoner of war in WWII, I am grateful to the men and women who have fought for our rights as Americans, including our freedom of speech. It’s something I never take for granted, especially considering how in some parts of the world, speaking your truth can cost you your life. Read More…



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  1. What a powerful reminder Colette. Thank you so much for sharing your observations, your wisdom and your heart.  

  2. Not only do I feel immense gratittude for those who serve and the families who watch them go….I am also proud of the others, like you, who make sure they didn't fight in vain – to remind us what we should constantly be reminded – the value in our freedom, and not to take it for granted. Thank you, Colette. Message well received.

  3. I don't know why it's so hard to confront with grace and have those critical conversations. This blog really puts it into perspective – I'll remember it the next time I lack courage to speak my truth. Thanks Colette!

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