Applause and Accolades to speaker Dave Hill

You're Dave Hill, a Texas engineer, and you just hit a home run in your motivational speaking career.

Your book, Applause & Accolades, Attention-Grabbing Presentation Skills: Get Noticed & Promoted, is a brilliant textbook for 21st century speakers.

You're Dave Hill, a speaker, an engineer and now a book promoter, and you're looking at the above paragraph and saying to yourself, "Great! A pull quote I can use to promote my new book." That's OK. Use it, pal. You earned it.


   You're Dave Hill, a big Irishman, and you've been speaking for a long time. But who knew that everything good and bad that ever happened to you would find its way into a book that will help countless others?

   You write about every aspect of speaking, from storytelling to technical skills, from using humor to mixing words and numbers effectively. Your advice is sound. Your solutions are solid. Your writing is clear and easy to follow.

   As a young engineer, you struggled to overcome speaker's anxiety that stopped you from doing your best at work. But you conquered your pangs and made it all the way to finalist of the 2004 World Championship of Public Speaking.

   Now you're the author of a new book that every speaker, trainer and coach needs to see.

   You're Dave Hill, author and all-star who just hit a big home run. Your fans are cheering.

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Dave Lieber is the national-award winning Watchdog investigative columnist for The Dallas Morning News and a much sought after motivational speaker. Dave is one of America’s top storytelling experts. He uses comedy to show businesses and associations how to improve their storytelling marketing skills in sales training and presentation skills. The author of five books, Dave won the Will Rogers Humanitarian Award as the U.S. newspaper columnist whose works produced positive effects on the lives of others.
To Book Dave Lieber:
Call 1-800-557-8166

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  1. I really thought that you were going to say:  "You're Dave Hill, author and all-star who just hit a big home run. Your fans are cheering. What are you going to do now?" "I'm going to Disneyland!"

    Thanks for your very creative book recommendation!

  2. Great recommendation! And coming from Lieber makes it a home run!

  3. Sounds like an amazing guy! Thanks for shining a light on him!

  4. Thanks for the great catch Dave!  I'm off to get my copy : ) 

  5. Fun read!


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