Another Lesson From Live Theater

Melinda Sullivan in PULSEI cannot get the experience of seeing the live production of Noah Racey's PULSE out of my mind and heart. And the more the think about it the more I find tremendous gold in various aspects of it. And like most motivational speakers, when I find gold – I MUST share!

Check out my latest AH HA! moment from this show in a recent post on my other blog site entitled Please Let Me Give You More Money

You might be rather glad you did.




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  1. Once again, count me in! I think that bringing passion to your performance is key, especially for motivational speakers. It is easier said than done. But passion is contagious, no doubt. Awesome post!

  2. Loved your seat-mate's comments about putting more money in the coffer. You've inspired me to look for ways to add even more passion to my keynote presentations!

  3. Thank you, Linda, for your raving recommendation of this amazing show!! The ticket office had to struggle to get the cash out of my death grip but like your friend said, I got so much more out of it than I paid! (And I even went back a second time!) I believe the cast said, "You showed up for us, so we'll show up for you".  And they really did, way over and above!  I came away with these lessons for my motivational speaking career: practice to perfection, let the real me shine, speak only on what I'm passionate about so that passion will come through and infect my audience, and brush up my Time Step.  Let's go see them on Broadway fellow motivational speaker friends!!!

  4. Wow! Polly! YOU should have written a blog about that show! What you walked away with is GOLDEN!!!! Wow. Is it just motivational speakers who walk out of an experience like this and start a check list of what they learned? Well, I don't know – but yours is wonderful. I will await YOUR blog post on the show!!!

  5. Yes!!!  Everyone head up north here for the Broadway run of this show!!!    Linda, remember when someone was not really engaged in their particular performance of a show, we called it "phoning it in?"  It sounds like these performers and this production was exactly the opposite of that.  And that is what we should all strive for every time we are "up there."  And Polly I am right there with you – when I focus on sharing something I am passionate about it is so easy to spread the joy as a motivational and funny keynote speaker!   

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