Aging Gracefully – Spots and All

Age Spot

“Wow!  You’ve aged well!” – Old acquaintance

“I’d say you’re 90% gray.” –  Hairdresser

“Your laugh lines show your good humor.”- Sister

“You’ve got a rockin’ body for your age.” – Coworker

“Go on, get a face lift.  You’ll feel so much better.” – One of my face–lifted friends

“No, don’t get a facelift.  You make us look good.”- Another of my face-lifted friends(?)

“Those age spots will continue to appear as the years go on.” – Dermatologist

It’s no wonder that middle age and beyond is a stressful time for most women!  As a motivational speaker on healthy lifestyle I’ve walked my talk for 30 years and am in good physical condition and vibrant health for 57.  And yet just this morning I noticed a new age spot on my left hand and flipped out!  "NOT ON MY HAND!  I CAN’T HIDE IT IF IT’S ON MY HAND!"

Now, for the most part, I am pretty accepting of the natural aging process and honor my body for all the years of work, play and abuse it has gone through.  But this blatant sign of old skin knocked me off my Zen rocker.  There it shone, right next to a tiny scar I got from a broken bathroom stall latch when I was partying back in my 20’s.

That’s when the idea hit me.

Instead of lamenting the battle scars of yesterday that are showing up today, why not bequeath them with a fond memory instead?  Yes!  My new “liver spot” must have come from that weekend sailing off the coast of Maine back in 1975!  That was such a fantastic time!  I smile broadly remembering the beautiful weather, the wonderful people, the thrill of heeling when we caught the wind just right.  Not that I now love my new spot but I do love the memory that it evokes.  Hmm, lets see if this will change my attitude about my stiff right knee…  I’m sure I got it from the many spills I took on the ski slopes during high school.  But boy, skiing was THE MOST fun I had every winter and I’m glad I pushed my limits.  It was exhilarating!  I wouldn't want to trade those fun times for a non-stiff knee now. (I only feel it during yoga's Child's Pose anyway)  Hey!  It worked!

So instead of the killer negative attitudes we can have as we watch our bodies do their aging thing, let’s instead see our wrinkles, greying hair and leopard's spots as a historical road map of our life. Let's, instead, look back fondly on the people, places and events that we’ve experienced that have made a mark on our lives. Let's honor our bodies for being the physical vehicle that it is and continues to be on our unfolding journey of life.

Now where’s that concealer?



Motivational Speaker Polly Pitchford didn’t always know the phytochemical benefits of kale, in fact, those words weren’t even in her vocabulary 30 years ago. Neither did she see any reason to do jumping jacks on a cement surface for an hour. But all it took was a chance vegetarian cooking class and some high-energy music to open her eyes upon a whole new world of healthy living. For 30 years Polly has practiced, studied, taught, educated and lived a healthy lifestyle that makes her such a powerful speaker.

Polly’s down-to-Earth and humorous approach mirrors her own lifelong journey to lasting, positive changes. The audience walks away with tangible plans for improving their health and their lives through food, fitness and fun.
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  1. Oh Polly, this is GREAT!!! I'm laughing and loving every drop of this idea. Motivational speakers are all about reframing, so I'm in!  And so, if I get this right…

    My "aching back" is a reminder of the cheerleading moves that I did in high school that I knew I SHOULDN'T do – but LOVED doing so much anyway, right?

    My wrinkles and sunspots are from hours and hours and days and weeks worth of sun I got in my 20's when I LOVED looking tan and healthy in my skimpy little adorable bikinis.

    My bunioned, multi-neuroma feet got that way from dancing! Tap dancing, African dancing, ballet, jazz, and disco dancing in my 20's and 30's. Mooving to the groove until the wee hours of the morning with ….uh…what's his name….

    Okay, I got it. And thanks so much, Polly. I love how you can make me laugh things like this!

  2. Outstanding! The crepe paper above-the-knees skin will remind me of when I was in the center of that kick line kicking higher and straighter than any girl on the squad. My facial brown spots that appeared during pregnancy and won't disappear no matter the treatment will remind me of those college bills I'm now paying. Wait! Wrong direction. Those spots will remind me of those two beautiful daughters that continue to bring me joy. Thanks Polly for helping me reframe my thoughts.

  3. I can see you high-kicking, Colette!  Wasn't all that fun worth a little "crepe"?

  4. I want to play! I want to play! These hips were made by Givalia. The thighs I owe to Kentucky Fried Chicken. The bald spot came from a hair extension that got stuck, but did I sure look great anyway. This stomach came from being queen of the keg parties. And the reason my knees pop is from doing my solid gold dance for all my friends at their weddings.  Good memories. Worth every bit.

  5. PS. Polly, you are one fantastically good looking woman!!! Your body is rocking, skin is glowing, and hair is to die for. No matter how old you are, you look GREAT!!!!!!!

  6. Polly I love this post so so much!  Funny that the FIRST thing I saw in your picture was your shining wedding band, and it immediatedly reminded me how happy I am that you have a beautiful family filled with love and laughter.  

    I remember many many years ago thinking to myself, "Ok Chirpy.  You are going to get wrinkles.  It is up to you to decide if you want Frownie Furrows or Laugh Lines."  Then I made as many choices as I could to cultivate the Laugh Lines.  To this day, when I look at those crinklies at the corner of my eyes, I smile remembering all the fun time that led to them.  

    Thank you for this funny and beautiful post heart

  7. Keep smiling Chirpy! Hahaha!

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