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I had a rare and golden chance to offer advice to my 23 year old son, Stephen, last night.  Here’s the awesome part: HE ASKED FOR IT!  That’s right! It wasn’t me pinning him in a corner, wagging my finger, “shoulding” all over him, it was him arriving at my doorstep at a pre-arranged time because he needed my council.  Golden.

Long blog short, Steve just got a job as an Assistant Manager at L.A. Fitness.  Even though he passed his Personal Trainer Certification and LOVES working out he has ZERO experience in management and less than zero in sales.  His job, get this, is to sell 1 year’s worth of personal training (6 months at the least) to the new members!  He needed my help with how to make these huge sales.  I almost told him he was asking the wrong person (I was the Mary Kay saleswoman who shied away from selling a tube of lipstick) until I thought about my wise fellow MSR bloggers.

I realized my advice couldn’t come from a point of sales expertise, because I had none, it had to come from a standpoint of, first and foremost, bringing value to the customer and secondly, communicating effectively so they can really relate to what it is you’re saying.  As it turned out I was sharing the wisdom of all of my fellow motivational keynote speakers on this site!

Things like:

  • What’s the benefit? How will personal training sessions help them achieve their goals?
  • You’re the host, welcome them into your “home”.
  • Be truthful about your own challenges in the gym so they can feel a connection with you.
  • You’re not selling for your commission; you’re offering them a support system.
  • Instead of dryly reading the questions verbatim off the assessment sheet, turn it into more of a conversation so that one topic organically flows into the next one (i.e. better connection with client)
  • Fear of failure?  Oh, you bet!  I told him to leap anyway.  That was the only way he was going to learn and grow.
  • Be funny!  You’re not leading the client to the gallows, you’re showing the client a great new place to hang out!  Make their visit enjoyable.
  • Fake it till you make it. Tell yourself you’re the best Assistant Manager this place has ever had and prove yourself right!

Steve texted the next day (because that’s how it’s done with kids these days) and said; “Such a better day!  I didn’t sell anything due to a sales pitch mistake, but it felt so good!  I established great rapport and it felt increasingly natural.  Thank you again!” And the best part: “I’m lucky to have such a kick as* mom!”  Golden.

So I would just like to thank all of you brilliant and funny and supportive motivational speakers on this site for sharing all your assorted wisdom that proved extremely useful as “Mom’s advice”.  You all kick a**!





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  1. May I add one? I belong to a gym and sometimes I grit my teeth at the way they sell.  I belong to Rush Fitness, not the same gym, but probably same principles. I think they sell too mechanically and are trying to push me into something I'm not ready for. They are too pushy. They don't take the time to get to know me at all. I want to chat. I want them to applaud me for wanting to change my life. I want them to listen to me and share their own stories. And when they sell me a package, I want them to follow up and act like they know me afterwards.  What gym owners don't seem to understand, is that the most important time to get my business, is to work on keeping it. Don't just work before I become a member. Create a relationship where you give me value and rapport and friendship every time I see you. Then when renewal comes up, I want to renew, rather than check around for a better price. And i want to see the people who work at the gym look HAPPY TO BE THERE! I want them to bring energy into the place. I want them to be more than sales people. I want them to be motivational speakers. I want them to be truly interested in me reaching my goals.     Okay. I'm done.


    • I completely agree on all points, Kelly!  That's where I was going with the "host" thing.  That's Steve's comfort zone because he is so sincere so use that quality in this setting and get to know the client and make them feel welcomed and cared for.  I was thinking about you and your personal trainer/gym experience when writing this.  I'll make sure Steve reads your comment!

  2. Polly, I smiled through your entire blog. Thrilled that Stephen was wise enough to ask for advice was reason enough, but then I smiled big time when I read your advice. Solid. Kelly's truth is spot-on as well. Research shows that women, in particular, are turned-off when they feel a male salesperson (any salesperson for that matter!) is more interested in the sale than their needs. Great insight encouraging him to focus on opening up the relationship, rather than closing the sale. I think Stephen is going to be just fine….especially with you as his mother.

  3. What a LUCKY young man to have YOU as a mom!  A mom – who just happens to be a fantastic motivational speaker sharing a blog with six other fantastic motivational speakers! Talk about a WEALTH of information and resources! Polly I also love the fact that you reminded me to come here for answers to my questions! Somewhere, on some blogpost, someone has probably addressed whatever question or concern I might be having.  Thanks so much!

  4. Polly! This post is so good, that I'd like to offer up an idea for you. Keep track of Stepen's success and then offer your solid ideas up to the gym owners or even corporate! Who knows, you may have just written their 2014 training mantra!! Kudos to you AND Stephen for reaching out. 

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