Absolutely, Positively Cannot Trust

fedex and upsBy now, I’m certain that both FedEx and UPS have completed their holiday deliveries. But as a result of the delivery-failure fiasco at Christmas, do you still trust them? If you’re unfamiliar with the backstory, many customers were left without their holiday gifts when both companies failed to deliver packages by the guaranteed date.

Who wouldn’t be disappointed not to have their Christmas gifts arrive on time? Imagine the little girl who didn’t receive the only toy she asked Santa to bring. Or, the spouse who was left empty-handed Christmas morning, explaining how he really DID buy the spa robe she hinted at for weeks.  And, even if you didn’t have a package show up late, social media was early to call out FedEx and UPS’s late arrivals.

“They shouldn’t be promising something they can’t deliver.” “If there were weather issues or a backlog, why, all the way up to December 23rd , were they offering next-day delivery?”

If you know me, you know what I was thinking. Both FedEx and UPS didn’t speak their truth and it’s costing them big time. Business 101 is to under-promise and over-deliver, which both companies practiced for years. FedEx built its company on the theme of, “When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight” and we trusted them to follow through. After all, they always did. But will we moving forward?

That’s the challenge with saying one thing and doing another — it blows years’ worth of hard-earned trust in seconds. Absolutely, positively.


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  1. Yup. You nailed it, Colette. It puts that big old question mark in some people's minds now when they need to send a package somewhere. Can they recover? Maybe yes. But I would believe that depends on how they manage everything in the wake of their failure. Are they contacting all those customers PERSONALLY to express deepest, sincerest apologies – and to offer free shipping on their next 3 times they need items shipped?  Or offering SOMETHING that makes the customer go, "Wow. I didn't expect THAT. They must really value me."  They should hire a consultant or motivational speaker on customer service about now to find out all their options. Okay, so that's my self-serving suggestion…

  2. I'll forgive anybody one mistake, even those 2 big companies, but make that blunder again and you're off my list.  Period.

  3. Preach it sister. Talk your TRUTH! Brilliant words of wisdom from one of my favorite keynote speakers!

  4. Many company can learn from their pain.  We live in a world where business is changing and you can not rely upon how things worked in the past.  The influx of on-line orders pushed these companies to a place they could not recover from – they couldn't plan for it because it had never happend before. Now they need to apologize like crazy and assure customers they will be strategizing for situations like this in the future (I like Linda's idea!)

    I'm happy to say my local UPS have been over-the-top friendly and helpful when I have needed them in the past week.  My motivational speaker optimism is hoping they do the right thing!

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