A Valuable Gift to Give Yourself

gift to give yourselfSitting in front of my computer, I suddenly burst out angrily, “You are such an idiot!” Who was the recipient of my ire? Me. That’s right, I was berating myself in a way I would never talk to anyone else, and it was over something trivial: I’d closed out of a program before completing my work. I know I’m not alone. How many times have you caught yourself in this type of destructive self-talk? It becomes an almost unconscious habit.  Yet, we know how powerful our words can be, so why would we want to tear ourselves down like this? I propose that as we approach gift-giving season, we give ourselves the beautiful gift of compassion and commit to speaking to ourselves the way we would to a cherished friend.

In fact, this reminds me of an incredible blog that speaks to how we talk to ourselves when it comes to our bodies. As someone who still works at decreasing the negative self-talk when it comes to my crepe paper upper knees, thinning hair, chub rub and baggy morning lids, think I’ll revisit as well on the 8 Women Dream site.



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  1. I hadn't read that post before on body shaming. What a concept!  Is it me, or are there more media outlets hi-lighting this issue? You know the mommy-yoga woman vs. the plus size store owner – each claiming to empower women to love themselves?  I like what Iman said in the blog you mentioned: imagine if we woke up and just didn't care what other people thought.  I'll work on that!  In the meantime, thanks for the reminder to be kind to ourselves during the holiday and all year round.

  2. Colette, you are one of the most sincere genuine caring empowering women I know. You give it to others in spades. It is not an act. It is not fake. It is you. You have an amazing gift for bringing out the very best in people. And you deserve that too. So, yes, please let yourself experience that kindness you so easily give to others. It is truly a blessing.

  3. Ah yes, Colette. You would think that, as motivational speakers who continually remind others to be kind to themselves, we would extend that same kindness to ourselves. But, oh we do forget, don't we? I am constantly working on this one. Thank you for the reminder that I need to pay attention to how I'm talking to myself! 

  4. Colette, I consider this post your gift to all of us motivational speakers on this site and friends everywhere!  Thank you for the wonderful reminder tied with a bow!

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