A Simple Thanks Won’t Do!

Relationships are key to your personal and professional success. But you already knew that. You also probably know the value of thanking someone for helping out or a job well done. Too often, it’s easy to default to a simple “thanks” which simply won’t do. And here’s why.

Everybody says “thanks” nowadays. “Thanks for calling.” “Thanks for shopping at…..” or even a simple “thanks” in an email thread. It’s overdone. And when anything is overdone, it doesn’t make you memorable, nor does it make the person you’re thanking feel special. What to do instead? Cough up the details.

For example, when my daughter was home on college break she volunteered to go grocery shopping to help me out. When she returned and we were both unpacking the goods, I almost said, “Thanks honey.” Thank goodness I edited prior to opening up the trap door and instead gave details. “I so appreciate you going to the store for me today given my workload. But what I appreciate even more is when the store didn’t have exactly what I needed, you made a decision on the spot to find a substitute. You didn’t call home for advice, but simply weighed your options and made it happen. That’s pretty cool and that tool will serve you in life.” She beamed.

A client recently chose me over many other motivational speakers for their event. Love when that happens. Following, rather than say, “Thanks again for such a great day,” I drilled down. “You put so much effort into making this day incredible for so many, including me. I noticed the details that went in to today to include yada, yada, yada, and you were so easy to work with. You followed through with the pre-program questionnaire, gave me great individuals to connect with in advance so I could customize and kept me in the loop on every detail. Your company is so lucky to have you.” And I meant every word.

So, next time you’re about to simply say  “thanks” choose to say more and watch what can happen.


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  1. SPECIFICITY! Yes mam. So appropriate for expressing thanks – and for just acknowledging good work. “Good job” is hard to replicate when you’re not sure exactly what someone means by the term. I’m thinking, “Did she like my format? My timing? My collaboration? My…what?”

    Excellent reminder, Colette, thanks!!

  2. True that Colette! It’s better to show thanks than tell thanks. I could work on this. Thanks for the reminder! Sometimes we just get caught up in stuff and forget to thank the ones around us. So THANK YOU Colette for posting. I appreciate the time and the energy you took out of your busy schedule as a motivational speaker, to share your truth. You could have chosen something selfish like a glass of wine instead. Then again – perhaps you wrote this while drinking a glass of wine – and that’s why you’re so darn appreciative! :) Just kidding.

  3. What a great subject, Colette! I’ve heard the words ring “insufficient” in my head when I’ve expressed thanks. I will work on getting specific with the reasons that a Thank You is given. This is going to be good!

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